Competitive Intelligence (CI) has dramatically evolved over the past 10 years, rendering the traditional methods of scanning websites and social media platforms antiquated. For any company looking to have a competitive edge in their market, taking insights and formulating a strategy based on public information is no longer enough. As our world continues to face constant, unpredictable macroeconomic events that greatly impact the market, CI professionals need a research platform that matches this pace of change.

Taking a lead in your respective industry means adopting advanced tools and best practices to stay on top of every and any market development. Not only should competitive companies be tracking both market trends and competitive activity in real-time, but have access to advanced content resources to act strategically on their insights.

In this whitepaper, we’ll share with you how to:

  • Decide the competitors you should monitor
  • Use automation to efficiently yield the most thorough data
  • Effectively analyze your findings to identify lucrative trends
  • Leverage your competitive intelligence to meet your leadership’s needs