When you’re running a search that produces hundreds or even thousands of results, it’s crucial to see what’s most important first. But legacy platforms provide search results in chronological order, which forces the user to assess the level of relevance manually, slowing down the speed to insight.

Download the white paper to learn how:

  • AlphaSense Relevance Score and Proximity Search uses finely-tuned algorithms to surface the most meaningful results for your search query, saving time and ensuring you don’t miss a needle in a haystack.
  • Smart Synonyms technology can expand keyword searches to include synonyms, while screening out incorrect results for keywords with multiple meanings. Smart Synonyms apply to financial, accounting, business, industry, geographic and thematic concepts, driving superior search results.
  • How AlphaSense’s best-in-class thematic and conceptual alerting gives users fine-grained control over the timing and delivery of email alert notifications for saved searches.