As we emerge from the pandemic and the global economy bounces back, adapting to the new paradigm will present both challenges and opportunities for investors. But according to CIOs from the world’s leading investment firms and financial institutions at the 2021 Reuters Investment Summit, it’s not just about portfolios. The industry is seeing a shift towards people, products, and ESG, and three issues remain a steady concern: developing technological capabilities, enhancing long-term value creation through initiatives that can build a more diverse and inclusive workplace, and the transition to a more sustainable future.

In this report that summarizes the insights found at the Reuters Global Investment Summit, you’ll discover:

    • Key trends and drivers shaping markets and investments in 2022
    • How to build the future of asset management through people and product
    • Where to invest in 2022 according to asset allocation across classes and geographies

Bonus: You’ll get access to an exclusive interview with Jack Kokko, AlphaSense CEO & Founder, on how emerging technologies are affecting the investment industry and decision-making, as well as the big moments and trends to navigate this year.