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We leverage proprietary AI and NLP technology to enable unprecedented productivity

Align your whole firm on unified access to key data and insights, so you can win against the competition and make important decisions with confidence.

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Data is overwhelming

As a business leader or knowledge professional, how can you find the most relevant information quickly?

With a powerful AI-backed search technology that searches only the content sources you care about and serves up only the results you need.

This ability to easily uncover the most relevant information has financial implications.

It’s the difference between deals won or lost; products launched or missed; new segments penetrated or not; and of course, competitors eating your lunch—or watching you eat theirs.

How we do it

Via Natural Language Processing, we use statistical techniques allowing our software to interpret data in a manner that is similar to the way humans use their senses to relate to the world.

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At AlphaSense, we have developed a hybrid model that applies the best of AI with the best of human domain experts to build a product that our clients call “a must-have” and “the best search technology I’ve used.”

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