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AlphaSense Accelerate

You’re invited to join an exclusive group of AlphaSense customers to share knowledge, gain high-value insights, and accelerate your personal brand.

Your Industry Ally

The AlphaSense Accelerate program is your competitive edge as you navigate the world of market intelligence. We’re here to enhance your AlphaSense experience through members-only content, exclusive product insights and feedback surveys, and other educational opportunities.

Define Your Path

You are informing the decisions driving business change. Sharpen your edge with access to profile-enhancing opportunities that can develop your expertise and amplify your voice. Wherever you want to go, we’re committed to helping you get there.

Celebrate Your Success

As an Accelerator, your voice is valued. Through the AlphaSense Accelerate program, your insights and feedback will earn you access to exclusive events and high-value rewards available only to program members.

Become an Accelerator

Signing up is quick and easy. Fill out this short form and we’ll reach out via email with more details on how you can get started as an Accelerator.

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Ways to engage

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AlphaSense Accelerate is AlphaSense’s flagship customer advocacy program designed to give you a professional edge as you navigate the ever-shifting market intelligence landscape. As an Accelerator, you’ll build your personal brand through activities like speaking engagements, product feedback sessions, and peer reviews, all at the level and frequency that works for you. You’ll forge connections with peers who share your passion. As an Accelerator, your voice matters – so let us amplify it for you.

AlphaSense Accelerate is an individual-based advocacy program, so anyone who uses the AlphaSense platform is welcome to request membership.

Read more about our program Terms & Conditions here.

Your program membership unlocks exclusive access to members-only resources and top-tier content, curated to enhance your knowledge of AlphaSense. You will collaborate with AlphaSense on exciting career opportunities, from impactful speaking engagements to influential media and analyst interviews, all while earning high-value rewards available only to program members.

There is no cost or obligation to participate in the program. You have the freedom to choose which activities you engage in. As a member, we hope you’ll take full advantage of the exclusive benefits we offer!