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March 21, 2019

Desk with computers, lamp and technology.
Desk with computers, lamp and technology.

Gaining — and maintaining — a competitive edge should be part of every company’s strategic planning.

Competitive Intelligence professionals take several approaches to their research, including peer and industry analysis, identifying potential M&As, and producing a product roadmap. From the tactical side, CI professionals need to evaluate changing market environments and the competitive landscape.

Every CI professional has access to the internet and can run basic searches to gain information on their industry and peers. Some CI teams even have access to multiple platforms they use for specific types of research.

But results can quickly become convoluted or complex to organize when running searches across different content sets without a uniform search tool.

Searching across silos

For example, the type of language used in news coverage of analyst research is inherently more nuanced than regulatory documents — but your CI team needs a range of all three types of content sets (among countless others) for a whole perspective. You also need to ensure you’re collecting all relevant mentions of the topic you’re looking for, which isn’t always immediately apparent or easily discovered within unstructured data sets using legacy search technology.

Now, scale that process across multiple search platforms. CI teams could be running iterative keyword searches across multiple platforms to find everything they need. Then, they’re pulling that data into an internal document to be further curated internally.

That’s a lot of tabs and a lot of time spent sifting through them to get results.

AlphaSense for Competitive Intelligence

An optimal CI research experience lets you upload, access, and perform complex searches across all content sets within one unified platform.

AlphaSense offers a comprehensive collection of resources CI professionals need for compelling landscape and competitor analysis, with the ability to perform complex, NLP-based searches to surface a complete collection of relevant results across nuanced content sets. This effectively eliminates the need for multiple search tools and provides uniformity when aggregating insights across vastly different types of documents.

Consolidating your research efforts can make the process less difficult to navigate, more productive, and more efficient to implement across teams. By leveraging AlphaSense, research professionals can stay ahead of their competitors and peers with the ability to find information that’s otherwise difficult to locate or unavailable anywhere else.

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