See trending topics in AlphaSense with theme suggestions

The AlphaSense platform has a singular ability to understand key financial and business language, recognize companies, places, people, and industry names in text-based documents and the ability to understand the sentiment of complex language in transcripts with high accuracy.

But we’re not stopping there. Our next project is building real time trends in the platform.

The first step in tackling this challenge is to surface search theme suggestions to users. These suggestions improve your experience of researching in the platform by identifying key trending themes in real time.  But how does AlphaSense identify search theme suggestions? How are they different from search history suggestions? Read on for more details.


What are theme suggestions?

When you’re typing a keyword search in AlphaSense, you may see suggestions appear in the dropdown underneath the keyword search bar. There are two types of suggestions you might see appear:

  • Search history suggestions which are based on your own search history and in purple text. These suggestions are encrypted and not available to anyone but yourself
  • Search theme suggestions appear in black text and are based exclusively on trending phrases in public documents in AlphaSense.

Note: if you don’t see either type of search suggestions when you log into the platform, reach out to your account manager to make sure search themes are activated for your team.


How does AlphaSense identify theme suggestions?

AlphaSense ingests massive amounts of unstructured data throughout the day, in real time reading all of the transcripts, news, press releases, etc. that are flowing into the platform. Our machine learning algorithms read every piece of data and recognize themes from across these millions of data points. Using a proprietary scoring methodology, we’re able to extract and rank the key trending themes that are most relevant and surface them in the keyword search bar to help with idea generation in real time.

Theme suggestions are based on themes extracted from company documents in AlphaSense and can help you understand what topics and themes are related to the search you had in mind.

It’s useful when you’re deep in researching, and broadens your view of any topic or theme you’re searching in the platform and support you in research and idea generation.

Log in to try it now

If you’re an AlphaSense client and you aren’t seeing theme suggestions, talk to your account manager. 

If you aren’t an AlphaSense client and you want to see, request a demo.



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