Less busy, more productive: Welcome to Notebook

For knowledge workers in corporations and financial services, the demands of research are never-ending. Sifting through massive amounts of data and unearthing critical nuggets of information in order to construct an informed and differentiated investing thesis or strategy (often under accelerated deadlines) is challenging.

Plus, the frequency with which knowledge workers recreate deliverables and research that they’ve already completed is terrifying: 40% of knowledge workers aren’t confident that they can find a document from a year ago in less than 5 minutes, after which they’re likely to give up their search and start over. This trend has huge implications for productivity.

This is why it’s critical for knowledge workers to be able to capture insights from their research efforts in a way that complements the process, instead of adding more complexity. But legacy note-taking approaches are siloed and unsearchable, leaving smart analysts to take notes in inaccessible places: from Word docs buried on a desktop, to cells in forgotten spreadsheets, or even worse, offline on sticky notes and scraps of paper.

The smartest minds in business need the ability to take notes in a way that’s searchable, optimized to be leveraged in the future, and easily turned into a client or executive-ready deliverable.

Introducing AlphaSense Notebook: a more actionable way to research in the AlphaSense platform. With Notebook, you can

  • Take notes in-platform as you research in AlphaSense This is the next step for when you’re researching in AlphaSense and discover an interesting piece of information
  • Leverage your body of research now and in the future The unique benefit of taking notes in AlphaSense means making those notes more discoverable in the future thanks to AlphaSense AI technology.
  • Create team and client-facing deliverables on the fly Notebook formatting makes your notes presentation-worthy so that you can easily share your research in a presentable format.

To get started creating a new note, you can select the Notebook icon from the lefthand nav



Click “Your Notes” to work in split-view mode and take notes as you read docs in AlphaSense.



It’s also easy to add text from AlphaSense documents into a note.  Just click  “Add to Open Note” from the hits pane in a document. NB-Step-03

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