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January 14, 2020

Bar chart and trending line.
Bar chart and trending line.

If you’re an AlphaSense user, you’re already familiar with the fact that a simple keyword search can generate dozens, if not hundreds, of hyper-relevant hits related to the topic at hand. With the launch of Search Summary, we’re taking Keyword searches to the next level.

Now you can type a simple search term into AlphaSense (like “air quality” or CAR-T R&D) and see relevant companies, industries, and regions trending about that theme.

The new Search Summary Module includes:

  • Document Trend Chart. At a glance, get a clear view into the total number of documents related to the keyword you’re searching and the trend in that keyword’s mention over the last 90 days. The legend illustrates document type for easy scanning.
  • Company List. See a list of the companies most related to the keyword you’ve searched. For company discovery, you can adjust the Market Cap Filter for the search to the surface only private or public companies with a certain Market Cap or limit via the industry filter. Depending on whether you’re confirming a hypothesis or trying to discover companies you’ve never heard of, tweaking the filter will help pinpoint companies that are most relevant to you.
  • Industries. Viewing the industries in the module shows industries talking about a topic the most. In addition, you can find non-obvious plays by re-filtering the search by industry.
  • Regions. Identify the geographies talking most about the keyword you’re searching for.

How to get started:

  • Log into AlphaSense
  • Run any Keyword search for a topic

Coming soon: more search summary capabilities. This is just the beginning of the Search Summary. Upcoming enhancements include:

  • Module and full summary export to Excel
  • Launch new search from module
  • Data visualization
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