Barbara Tague


Barbara Tague

Barb is a Content Marketing Manager covering the financial services segment at AlphaSense. Previously, she managed the content program at a global financial services firm.

investment teams can leverage generative ai
Product10 min read

How Investment Teams can Leverage GenAI

On the heels of a breakthrough year in 2023, generative artificial intelligence (genAI) delivered interesting, innovative, and even mainstream applications....
esg in private equity
Trends6 min read

The Growing Role of ESG Initiatives in Private Markets

Similar to their public market counterparts, ESG trends in the private equity (PE) space are gaining momentum with investors. In...
private equity buybacks on the rise following unsuccessful IPOs
Trends8 min read

Private Equity Buybacks on the Rise: What You Should Know

It is no secret that firms looking to go public have faced considerable headwinds the last couple of years. In...
digital currency evolution impacts on traditional markets
Trends9 min read

The Digital Currency Evolution: Impacts on Traditional Markets

The evolution of digital currency has been an interesting journey for both enthusiasts and investors throughout the years. While it...
major mergers and acquisitions 2023
Trends10 min read

Major Mergers and Acquisitions of 2023

2023 was a challenging year in the M&A space, with activity impacted by market volatility and fluctuating macroeconomic conditions, such...
m&a due diligence
Product12 min read

M&A Due Diligence: A Complete Guide

Conducting due diligence within the mergers and acquisitions space is the process of independently researching and verifying information on a...
ai in asset management
Trends12 min read

Asset Management Trends and Outlook for 2024

Pivoting from a year characterized by dynamic macroeconomic volatility and unpredictability, along with the rapid evolution of technological innovation, the...
esg reporting practices eba regulation
Trends7 min read

How Banks Are Changing Their ESG Reporting Practices After EBA Regulat...

2023 marked the beginning of the European Banking Authority’s (EBA) Pillar 3 disclosure requirements for large European banks reporting on...