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money-making needle in the data haystack?

You need to pick the right stocks before others do. Impress clients and win deals. Leverage insights for a more intelligent and efficient process. Our market-leading AI search technology ensures data-driven decisions, helping you stay informed and win against the competition

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  • Save time

    Cut through the noise with smart, agile search that takes you to the right data in seconds

  • Mitigate risk

    Never miss another market-moving insight. Catch relevant new developments with our alerts and be among the first to act

  • Embrace AI

    Power your work with the industry's leading AI technology, including an easy-to-use interface available on all browsers or mobile devices

  • Generate ideas

    Instantly scan market chatter for insights into peers, competitors, or the market


Stay on top of critical changes affecting the private and public companies or trends you follow

Play offense, not defense

Catch market moving signals

Sentiment analysis

Apply powerful sentiment analysis to earnings transcripts

Advanced sentiment score

Identify inflection points in sentiment fast. See shifts in sentiment from previous quarters

No more Ctrl-F

Be the first to know…

Intelligent search

Uncover buried data points with Smart Synonyms technology, and never miss a thing when analyzing filings, transcripts, news, and research

Export Tables

Open tables as editable files in Excel, and easily “view similar tables” over time

Fewer lost opportunities

Find it. Fast.

Relevance Ranking

Sort results by our proprietary Relevance Score and immediately get to the most relevant documents on any theme or topic

Blackline Comparison

Quickly compare additions, deletions, and changes

Never miss essential information

Stay on top of critical changes

Intelligent Alerts

Monitor new developments and act fast. Our AI captures language variations, ensuring you don’t miss an important disclosure

Trend Graph

Track trends over time. The “Trend Graph” shows results over time, allowing you to track changes in popularity


The industry’s broadest and highest quality content sets

Search for companies, industries, trends or themes across unstructured and structured data.

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Company Disclosures

Filings, transcripts, presentations and press releases for 60,000+ global public companies and millions of private firms

Sell-side Research

Intelligently search, filter and monitor all broker research in one place, with the best NLP-based tagging in the industry

Global and Local News & Journals

The world's most trusted business news and hundreds of trade journals covering all major industries

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