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It’s crucial to stay ahead of disruption. With AlphaSense, you can quickly get informed on industry trends like electric vehicles, infrastructure, sustainability, automation, inflation issues, and more.

Aerospace & Defense

Stay on top of key trends, understand what the DoD is spending money on and who is winning contracts – all in one place. AlphaSense helps you find information faster and makes sure you are always in the know with access to Wall Street analyst research, and more than 10,000 other content sources.


Staying on top of startups and patents in the chemical industry is crucial to staying on the cutting edge. Knowing which companies and sub-sectors are ripe for acquisition is key to sustained success. AlphaSense gives you access to Wall Street analyst reports, industry trade news, and more all in one place.

Construction & Building Materials

Whether you are looking for a projected building outlook, government policy, or material pricing forecasts, AlphaSense helps you find information faster and stay on top of building trends with access to more than 10,000 content sources.


Staying on top of manufacturing trends from technology to sourcing, AlphaSense has you covered with access to Wall Street analyst research and a vast library of content sources.


Whether it is hydrogen to EV technology trends or the effects of the chip shortage on the sector, AlphaSense will ensure you are always the first to know about emerging trends within the transportation market with real-time alerts

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