Go From Reactive to Proactive with the New AlphaSense Dashboard

Information overload has always been an issue for analysts and strategists. Still, the chaos and unpredictability of the pandemic have made it more critical than ever to stay aware of ever-shifting markets and industry trends.

So, the question becomes: how do you process an influx of information more efficiently, so you can reach insights faster?

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a way to stay proactive and cut through the noise: meet our new Dashboard experience. Now it’s even easier for you to proactively monitor all the companies and topics you are responsible for, all in one place. In addition, our new Dashboard is customizable and makes it possible to track watchlists and saved searches at a glance, giving you the confidence that you are never missing out on a thing.

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AlphaSense has always been the place for you to find market intelligence fast. Our customers frequently comment on how our AI-powered search and access to industry-leading research helps them find insights faster. Still, there is also a desire to have relevant updates served rather than searching for information proactively. AlphaSense alerts highlight updates to our clients outside the platform, and we saw an opportunity to complement that with an in-platform experience. 

“In the morning I pop in, emails are fine [but] not the best way. I open a search, scroll through, open another… I could see [myself] popping into Dashboard. I can imagine that working pretty well for me.”

– Financial Analyst, multinational hedge fund, and financial services firm 

Curate a Customized View of the Companies & Topics You Track

Top analysts have all told us there are three things they need to track:

  1. Companies
  2. Industries
  3. Topics

Yet, they want the ability to organize their searches and content feeds in their way.  We built Dashboard so you can do just that.

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For example, you might want to have a single view where you can monitor all new research, company docs, and news published around your Watchlist of companies while also watching a few searches like R&D or new products to be made aware of shifts in strategy among those companies.  Or, you might want to have a Dashboard full of broad topics you are paying attention to like, sustainability, electric vehicles, and cryptocurrency.

“This is great. I legitimately think I would change my workflow and check this each morning or a few times a week.”

Corporate Strategy Professional, a leader in technology-enabled transportation

Filter Out the Noise

While getting access to exclusive information sources is a great way to gain a competitive edge on the market, access is only the first step. Reading dense reports and synthesizing insights is still a time-consuming task.

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When you combine the power of AI with aggregated content sets from private and public content sources, you can cut through the chaos and pinpoint insights faster.  With AlphaSense, you can do this all in one place.  With pre-set search feeds, you can quickly scan to read relevant documents and scroll through relevant snippets that use our Smart Synonym technology to ensure you never miss out on related keywords.

“I think it’s fantastic. I think it’s a great way to help people find information faster.”

Investor Relations Professional, an independent energy company


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Melissa Todisco
Melissa Todisco

Melissa Todisco is a product marketer at AlphaSense. Previously, she worked at PR agencies and early-stage start-ups where she crafted narratives to inspire people about innovative technologies and products.

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