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Relevance scoring, proximity search and synonym recognition made it easy to surface the most relevant documents

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AI-search and smart filter technology empowers the firm’s analysts to surface relevant files with a single click

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In combining broker research alongside their own internal content, analysts never miss a single insight

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The company

Based on a foundation of deep fundamental research, this biotech investment team is typically searching for insights and innovation across company documents, medical conferences, scientific journals, and management team meeting notes. The end result is a vast bespoke data set, rich with the firm’s intellectual property seamlessly integrated with AlphaSense’s broad external content set. 

The investment team views their work as preparing for the unexpected and monitoring an ever-changing landscape of information. 

The challenge

Like many other analysts, part of that preparation entails attending scientific conferences and medical meetings in order for the team to immerse themselves in the latest clinical developments, emerging technologies and new mechanisms of action related to their investment areas. From these events they collect documentation, notes, slides and even photographs, which are then compiled and processed, resulting in a deep trove of internal documentation to inform research related to current and future investments.  

As the valuable library of internal content has expanded, it’s become increasingly challenging for the team to make full use of this body of research. Initially, the team’s data was stored on a shared drive with limited search capabilities, which created an obstacle for researchers trying to surface specific files from past events or conferences. This later evolved to leveraging SharePoint and OneDrive. However, the limited search capabilities required users to recall and remember obscure details such as conference dates in order to locate files in a folder hierarchy, which led to wasted time and previous research being underutilized. 


AlphaSense creates higher confidence and transparency in the research process and faster, data-driven decision making.”

Managing Director


“[Scientific and clinical] research is an endless firehose of information, so speed to and accessibility of information is critical,” says one analyst. Needing a better solution for navigating their internal files, the team turned to AlphaSense. They immediately found value in AlphaSense’s ability to aggregate content across sources, including these internal documents. They describe several value points:

  • Better searchability: Being able to look across an entire database and have it be searchable across text-based files, PPT slides and even Excel documents.
  • Powerful filtering: AlphaSense’s powerful search capabilities, including relevance scoring, proximity search for multiple terms, and synonym recognition made it easy to surface the most relevant documents for any query, fast.
  • Time savings: Before, the team’s most valuable information was many clicks away, requiring the trial and error of opening many files in hopes of finding the correct one. In AlphaSense, relevant files are surfaced in a single click.
  • Broker research alongside internal content: Both for access to new brokers and to resurface pieces of broker content lost in their inboxes, the analysts never miss a single insight from this valuable source. 

AlphaSense is fantastic when we’re working through a problem, for example, I’m trying to size a market or dig for an annual report.


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