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How Molekule Consulting helps their clients navigate COVID



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Save time & increase quality

AI-powered, advanced search capabilities allowed Molekule’s team to save 10+ hours per week

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Disparate datasets in one place

The team conducted deeper analysis and streamlined processes by accessing thousands of datasets in one place

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Unique, cutting-edge insights

Alerts and feeds uncover new insights with ease and ensure a proactive approach

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The company

Molekule Consulting, a specialist biopharmaceutical and life sciences company that employs MDs, PhDs, and other experts to deliver best in class competitive intelligence and insights, has seamlessly transitioned to a fully remote business while supporting clients that are impacted by COVID. 

“We help them to cope with and align to the new environment,” said Dr. Pascheles, CEO of Molekule Consulting.

The challenge

The pressure to quickly transition to a fully remote business while helping clients understand the unique challenges and align to the new COVID environment was paramount at the beginning of the pandemic. With new information coming out everyday, it was crucial to be able to cut through the onslaught of information overload to identify key insights and ultimately, deliver results for their clients.

Every member of the team has an AlphaSense license, so the entire team is able to continue working independently just the same as before.”

Dr. Daniel Pascheles
Chief Executive Officer


While the team values face-to-face interactions with clients under normal circumstances, they’ve also noticed benefits to the current environment, including the fact that clients continue to be very engaged and have embraced virtual tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Team and Skype much more than in the past to meet and interact with his team.

Pascheles credits his team’s agility in the current environment to several factors. Remote work was not an adjustment as many of his consultants already work from home and so productivity was not disrupted by stay-at-home orders. Additionally, they’ve invested in the right tool for the team: every member of the team has an AlphaSense license, so the entire team is able to continue working independently just the same as before. 

Leveraging AlphaSense content, alerts, and advanced search capabilities results in time savings of 10+ hours per week for his team, contributing to better quality output for clients and driving confidence among the consultants in a comprehensive view of the ever-evolving competitive landscape. 

“Some of our clients have AlphaSense,” Dr. Pascheles points out, noting that these clients will also have high awareness of new data or emerging issues impacting their industries. “It’s good to stay on par with the information they’re consuming.” 

When describing the value his top-performing team finds in AlphaSense, he notes the following: 

  • Saved time accessing disparate datasets that are in one place
  • Access to unique, high quality AlphaSense content sources (such as equity research) which otherwise the team would not have
  • Tools like alerts and feeds that ensure a proactive versus reactive approach
  • Insights that “we might not have found or would have taken much longer to find without AlphaSense” 

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