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Get smart on new markets, competitors, and geographies instantly with Expert Insights, the market’s leading library of proprietary expert interview transcripts.

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Primary and secondary research—all in one place

Now you can easily integrate primary research into your workflow. Search across AlphaSense’s library of firsthand perspectives, alongside our extensive universe of company documents, earnings transcripts, broker research, news, and more.

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Comprehensive thematic & company research

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Cost- and time-effective primary research


Access over 45,000 high-quality expert transcripts

Get closer to the source of truth about a company directly from leading industry experts. AlphaSense’s library of investor-led interviews with previous executives, customers, partners, and channel participants span nearly every industry and market.


Quickly get up-to-speed about a company, market, or region

With AI search technology and automated alerts, you can easily capture insights from thousands of on-demand transcripts. Better yet, move even faster with enhanced formats like call summaries, TOC linking, and audio capabilities.


Stay ahead in the fast-evolving tech landscape

Identify emerging trends and compare top business software and services. Leverage direct feedback from structured interviews with buyers, influencers, and decision-makers, covering established players and industry disruptors across the public and private sectors.

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Experience the highest compliance standards

We have strict procedures and practices for everything we do, from thoroughly vetting experts to reviewing each individual transcript before we hit publish. It’s this commitment to safe and secure content that makes us a trusted partner for the world’s leading organizations.


The power of AlphaSense in your pocket

Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic? Waiting in line for your morning coffee? Leverage AlphaSense’s mobile-optimized tools (dashboards, audio player, search, and more) to take your primary research on the go.


Looking to surface deeper insights?

Schedule one-on-one calls with any of the thousands of experts in the Expert Insights platform library to ask your own specific questions and extract granular, personalized insights.

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The right platform can make or break your quarter. With Expert Insights, accelerate your time-to-decision with quality primary research at a fraction of the time and cost.

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