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Just over a year ago, we announced our acquisition of Stream, the market’s broadest and highest-quality expert interview transcript library. By integrating this primary perspective into our content offering, our users are better positioned than ever to make critical decisions with confidence and speed. Whether you’re prepping for earnings season, conducting a landscape analysis, or looking to stay ahead of trends in your industry, expert calls provide first-hand perspectives that add invaluable context and supply unique, exclusive insights not found within company docs, news publications, trade journals, or broker research.

It’s fitting that on the anniversary of this partnership we launch our Call Services offering to AlphaSense customers, which allows clients with Stream entitlements to conduct one-on-one calls with experts featured in our library with the click of a button.

Talk to this Expert Social

Traditionally, accessing high-value, primary insights has been an extremely costly and high-touch process largely exclusive to buy-side analysts. Additionally, with an expert network model, a significant amount of time and energy is spent not only on pre-screening potential experts in the hopes of avoiding a dud call, but also on researching and preparing the best possible questions in the hopes of making the most out of the hour they have of an expert’s time. But we also recognize that not every specific question can be answered by the 20k+ calls that already exist in our library.

Enter: Expert Call Services.

The Talk to this Expert button, now available on our expert interview transcripts, allows for the above process to be streamlined and optimized. Users can conduct fewer, higher-quality interviews and pre-qualify experts by first leveraging our AI technology to search across our existing library of transcripts, and then easily request a call with a given expert without ever leaving the platform.

What do in-platform requests to use our 1:1 call services mean for you exactly?

  • Faster Time to Insight. Leverage our AI-search technology to quickly assess what information is already available and find perspectives worth digging into.
  • Pre-Qualified Experts. Conduct interviews with confidence when you’ve vetted experts for the right experience and level of insight through reading their previous calls.
  • Uninterrupted Workflows. You’ve found an interview with an expert who has the exact experience you’re looking for? A direct call is just a few clicks away.
  • Cost-Effective Primary Research. In addition to our competitive pricing structure, conducting fewer calls means less time and money spent finding the needle in the haystack.

Want to see it in action? Just last week our sister blog, Stream by AlphaSense, broke down a real-life use case where an analyst used Stream to find and interview an expert with hyper-relevant experience in his research area.

This feature is currently available to AlphaSense customers with access to our Stream library of expert call transcripts. If this is you, you can check out the feature for yourself in-platform right now by opening any Stream transcript. By clicking on the button, you will be prompted to either set up a request for a call with an expert (if you have already purchased a call bundle) or you’ll be able to inquire about purchasing a call bundle with your account team.

If you’re already an AlphaSense customer interested in adding Stream to your available content (and getting access to Call Services), you can request access now.

Not yet an AlphaSense customer? Request a free trial.

KC Pietro
KC Pietro
Senior Product Marketing Manager

KC Pietro is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Search & AI products at AlphaSense. Before AlphaSense, she oversaw product marketing efforts at an early-stage Fintech startup.

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