KC Pietro


KC Pietro

KC Pietro is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Search & AI products at AlphaSense. Before AlphaSense, she oversaw product marketing efforts at an early-stage Fintech startup.

market landscape analysis in three steps
Product12 min read

How to Master a Market Landscape Analysis in Three Steps

Few things can be more daunting—or exciting—than a blank research slate. Whether you’re entering a new market, investigating nascent growth...
AS Blog Notebook Templates
Product8 min read

5 Competitive Intelligence Templates to Use in AlphaSense’s Notebook

As a Product Marketer, I know the research I conduct is only as valuable as the relative impact it has...
generative ai for earnings analysis
Product6 min read

Using Generative AI for Earnings Analysis

The time is upon us: earnings season. "Time is money" is never quite as true as during these first few weeks following the close of a quarter, when the world’s financial analysts, investors, IROs, and business leaders are tasked with analyzing the performance of their portfolios, peer sets, or clients. 
smart summaries generative ai for earnings analysis
Product7 min read

Introducing Smart Summaries: Generative AI for Earnings Analysis

Generative AI is changing the way people generate new ideas, collect information, and go about their day-to-day lives. It also...
Smart synonyms product
Product7 min read

Smart Synonyms and the Death of CTRL+F

There’s never a right time to be outpaced by competitors, but an economic downturn and looming recession is an especially...
best releases of 2022
Product10 min read

Driving Decisions that Outcompete: Our Best Releases of 2022

In our inaugural State of Market Intelligence Report released this fall, we gathered input from nearly 600 market intelligence professionals...
How to Monitor Companies with Ease with AlphaSense
Product10 min read

How to Monitor Companies with Ease with AlphaSense

Whether you’re trying to win new business, position your company for macroeconomic shifts, or simply beat the market, having a...
AS Blog Talk to this Expert
Product3 min read

On-Demand Primary Insights to Drive Critical Business Decisions

Just over a year ago, we announced our acquisition of Stream, the market’s broadest and highest-quality expert interview transcript library....
AS Blog Doing Work Better
Product5 min read

How AlphaSense Built a Mobile App to Meet the Modern Researcher

Among the COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation, and a looming (or current, depending on who you ask) recession, the last...

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