Driving Decisions that Outcompete: Our Best Releases of 2022

State of Market Intelligence
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In our inaugural State of Market Intelligence Report released this fall, we gathered input from nearly 600 market intelligence professionals who helped us identify two major challenges plaguing the industry:

  • Fragmented information: The majority of respondents use at least 3-6 tools for market intelligence research, and most have over 10 alerts set. 
  • Reactive practices: Over half of respondents wish their market intelligence process was more proactive.

Aggregating content sources and developing the tools to catch and surface insights across a universe of information has always been at the forefront of our product vision at AlphaSense. As we continue to use these two challenges as guiding pillars for our product strategy, there’s much to be said about taking a look back at 2022 to review some of the releases that drove confident decision-making all throughout the year. 

New Content to Catch What Others Miss

Far too often, valuable research time is disproportionately spent on gathering information across disparate sources; what often emerges is an over-reliance on low-value or public content without the added context and depth of expert perspectives. In 2022, our content team continued to funnel high-value content sources into the platform, so that AlphaSense remained a one-stop-shop for finding and validating insights.

Greater access to company-owned and third-party sources of data

When you’re researching companies, it’s essential to have confidence in the data points you find. You can now search across a host of new sources for company information that can be difficult to dig up within company and third-party sites, including:

  • Thought Leadership: including executive perspectives, surveys, commentaries, and podcasts from 70+ consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte, and PwC
  • Sector-specific content: such as Fleet Status Reports, Project Plans, Portfolio Overviews, eBooks, product designs, and R&D Pipelines
  • Private company coverage: we’ve expanded this offering by 300%, and tearsheets now include valuation details by funding round and two data sources for employee count and revenue 

Expanded broker research

expanded broker research best releases 2022

The star of AlphaSense’s Broker Research for 2022 was undoubtedly Goldman Sachs, whose aftermarket research reports are now exclusively available to AlphaSense customers. Goldman Sachs’ 1,000-plus analysts provide original insights and analysis on the economy, markets, and industries, as well as fundamental research on over 3,000 companies globally. 

Beyond Goldman Sachs, this past year also saw the addition of one of APAC’s most experienced research houses (Macquarie), a shortened embargo period for Deutsche Bank (down to three days from seven), notable new EMEA brokers (including ABG and Bryan, Garnier, & Co), and an expansion of fundamental and technical research coverage.

Read earnings transcripts sooner

AlphaSense users now have access to Earnings Transcripts as soon as the call ends–a marked improvement from the typical two hours taken to release fully edited transcripts. Users can access these transcripts via the Events Calendar on a dashboard or simply by searching for the company of interest and filtering by Earnings Calls.

Leverage exclusive, expert knowledge 

leverage exclusive expert knowledge Stream best releases 2022

Expert calls are primary perspectives that drive a deeper, more nuanced understanding of topics. In 2022, we launched Stream’s expert transcript library within the AlphaSense platform, allowing users to access primary research alongside other public and proprietary content sources, while also being able to leverage AlphaSense’s search technology (including smart synonyms) to discover relevant calls and sentiment analysis to quickly gauge how experts are talking about certain topics on a macro level. 

Search Tools to Surface Insights

AlphaSense’s content access is only as powerful as the search that allows you to cut through the noise and surface information quickly. In our continued goal to lessen the time it takes to discover insights, 2022 was a year of continued improvement and iteration on crafting better searches and expanding synonym recognition.

Craft better searches with AI-generated suggestions

best releases 2022

This module on Search Summary and Company Tearsheet pages helps you further refine searches to get more specific, relevant results. Search suggestions are AI-generated based on individual and macro search patterns as well as trending and related topics to your initial search within that specific company–meaning that you can passively leverage and learn from large-scale search patterns and trending topics from across the AlphaSense universe. 

Expansion of Smart Synonyms

Smart Synonyms drive meaningful improvement across your searches–they expand keyword and thematic searches to deliver the most relevant results, not just documents that match your keywords exactly. In 2022, we unveiled thousands of new synonyms across a wide range of themes and industries including Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Life Sciences, and much more.

Get inspiration with our new search homepage

new search homepage best releases 2022

Quickly access recent and saved searches, explore our search library, or chat with one of our seasoned Product Specialists who are experts in crafting searches to yield the most relevant results. 

More Dashboard Customization 

As the amount of available information grows exponentially, it becomes increasingly complicated to conduct competitive and market intelligence. Our goal for AlphaSense dashboards is to give you the tools to filter the noise and receive only the most time-relevant information for your research. 

See what’s trending across companies & industries 

trending topics best releases 2022

Just like it sounds, the Trending Topics module lets you explore the top 100 topics across a single company, a group of companies, or an entire industry. Whether you’re market landscaping, monitoring your portfolio companies, or tracking competitors, the Trending Topics module works double-time to help you generate ideas around searches to explore and stay on top of micro- and macro-trends before they become old news. 

You can click on an individual topic to launch a search for that topic across your company, watchlist, or industry. Plus, export your findings to excel via the button in the top right corner.

Customize the layout of your dashboards 

Dashboard Reorder best releases 2022

Most of the modules on your individual dashboards are draggable, meaning you can re-order them to highlight the most important content for your research first. You can also drag to re-order the layout of the Dashboards menu, putting your most visited dashboards at the top.In addition, you can rename custom dashboards by clicking “Manage” in the top right corner.

Add custom searches for more nuanced content feeds 

add custom search dashboard best releases 2022

Rejoice! No more roundabout solutions for customizing the content feeds of your dashboards. You can now scroll horizontally on any dashboard and “Add a Custom Search” to create a new search with any filters or keywords that will be added to the specified dashboard. Using this feature, you can add dashboard modules to monitor analyst sentiment around your company, track how your competitors are talking about a specific topic, and much more. 

Read more about monitoring companies in AlphaSense

Take Research On the Go

As your work continues to transition to online workspaces, knowledge workers are increasingly conducting research outside the bounds of their physical offices. It’s more important than ever to have access to the best tools to monitor, analyze, and act on new information as it hits the market.

Listen to audio files from anywhere 

Listen to audio files from anywhere best releases 2022

With our mobile audio player, you can listen to company and industry events, earnings calls, and expert interviews from your mobile device. Just as with AlphaSense’s desktop platform, you can listen to an entire audio file and even click on a timestamp to jump to a specific section. n the last month, we’ve also launched our minimized audio player, which allows users to quickly browse a transcript, jump to specific sections, and take notes while listening to the audio of a call.

Access your dashboards on mobile

With the mobile version of our dashboards feature, you can monitor companies, topics, and trends on the go with fully functional, mobile-optimized dashboards. Whether you’re riding the train or waiting in line for your morning coffee, take advantage of micro-opportunities for productivity by easily browsing new, relevant content across your research portfolio.

Highlight, share, and take notes on documents

You can now select text to highlight, add comments to, or share with colleagues right from the document viewer of the AlphaSense iOS app. Highlighted text and comments now carryover between desktop and mobile, making it easier to integrate work more seamlessly into the parts of our lives that take place outside of the office. 

Check out our mobile app here. 

Looking Forward: A Sneak Peak at 2023

We can’t wait to share what we have in store for this year. On the heels of our acquisition of Sentieo, we have an even bigger product team with a combined vision to bring AlphaSense customers the best tools around (improved Table Tools and integrations, anyone?!). In addition to the Best of Sentieo features we’ll be integrating into the platform, we also have exciting, major updates happening with Dashboards and Notebook. And of course, our content team is always working to funnel in more high-quality sources of information. 

You can always stay up to date with what’s new in AlphaSense by visiting the Product Updates collection in our Help Center. We put out new articles every month about the most exciting releases. 


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KC Pietro
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