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Among the COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation, and a looming (or current, depending on who you ask) recession, the last two and a half years have seen some of the most substantial changes in the modern workplace on this side of the twentieth century. For knowledge workers across the world, this has meant embracing more flexibility in not just where, but how they work.

As work moves from the physical to digital, knowledge workers are increasingly making life decisions based on the time spent outside of their 9-5s. In fact, 76% of the workers polled believe that employees will be more likely to prioritize lifestyle (family and personal interests) over proximity to work. This can be seen in workers moving further away from office epicenters and going into physical office spaces less often–which, in turn, has led to calls for accommodation of hybrid and remote work, flexible hours, and an overall more inclusive workplace.

Here at AlphaSense, meeting the needs of knowledge workers has been at the forefront of our strategy to provide the best research tools on the market–and, as such, the last two years have certainly clarified our need to prioritize mobile in our product strategy.

Here are just a few ways the AlphaSense app was built to meet the needs of the modern knowledge worker:

1. Monitor New Information as it’s Released to the Market

Can we ever actually turn our work brains off? That’s a question for another article. But one thing is certain in the information age: new knowledge is constant.

There are millions of news articles, think pieces, financial reports, SEC filings, trade journals, and more released on a daily basis–certainly more than any one single human being could monitor in any sort of efficient way. Having the tools to cut through the noise and get to the most important insights is, of course, one of AlphaSense’s key benefits; but the ability to do so, regardless of setting or wi-fi status, is where our mobile app shines.

When building our mobile app, it was important for us to prioritize the experience of opening, ingesting, and sharing out new content from alerts. New, mission-critical content doesn’t wait until you’re at your desk to go to market, and the modern knowledge worker needs the flexibility to be able to not just consume, but act on new insights from anywhere.

Pro tip: here are easy three ways to monitor new information on the go

  • Set up push notification alerts
  • Leverage mobile annotation tools
  • Share snippets of text with colleagues

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2. Embrace Work-From-Anywhere

Earlier this year, we talked about how work has gone mobile. As work styles and hours become more flexible, we’re no longer sitting statically in front of our desktop computers for 8 hours straight, and it’s becoming easier to integrate work more seamlessly into the parts of our lives that take place outside of the office, like doctor’s appointments, school pickup, and traveling.

On the product team, we see the AlphaSense app as an extension of the desktop platform, a way to leverage the most important and useful research tools when you’re sitting around in a waiting room, the school pickup line, or at an airport. Embracing work from anywhere doesn’t mean shifting your primary workflows to mobile, it just means being more prepared to take advantage of micro-opportunities for productive work, whenever you can, no matter where you are, physically.

Plus, not having to depend on a less-than-ideal local wifi network is always a benefit.

Pro tip: three ways to embrace work from anywhere

  • Monitor your mobile dashboards
  • Run company and ticker searches to surface relevant documents
  • Bookmark docs and sync to read offline

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3. Multi-task with ease

If there’s a way to give yourself time back in the day to do something you love, you’d be hard-pressed to not take advantage of it. The answer to the how is seemingly simple: doing multiple things at once. That being said, it’s not always easy to find opportunities for multi-tasking that don’t result in sub-par outputs.

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case with auditory processing. When listening is a critical component of your workflows, opportunities arise for multi-tasking–just think about your morning gym session or evening commute. This is why launching a reliable mobile audio player was one of our team’s top priorities for this year–because taking advantage of free moments to listen to expert interviews or earnings calls is a simple way for our customers to get more done with less time, and to do it on their schedule.

Pro tip: two ways to multitask on your research projects

  • Bookmark playable content for your commute or gym session
  • Listen to calls with our mobile audio player

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It has never been more important to have relevant insights at your fingertips, no matter where you are. As a knowledge worker in 2022, being able to react quickly to new information as it hits the market while creating efficient and flexible workflows that transition from desktop to on-the-go, has never been easier–which means, if you’re not doing it, you’re already behind.

If you’re an AlphaSense customer who hasn’t yet taken advantage of our iOS app, you can download it by scanning the QR code below, or by clicking here.

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KC Pietro
KC Pietro
Senior Product Marketing Manager

KC Pietro is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Search & AI products at AlphaSense. Before AlphaSense, she oversaw product marketing efforts at an early-stage Fintech startup.

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