Our Acquisition of Stream by Mosaic, Expert Call Transcript Library

The Secret to Effective Decision-Making: Why Expert Insights are Crucial to Staying Ahead
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At AlphaSense, our mission has always been to help the world’s leading companies and financial institutions make critical decisions with confidence and speed. With our recent $180 Million Series C round, we’re moving faster than ever before to execute that vision.

Until now, our growth has been in the form of AI advancements to our search algorithms, powerful workflow capabilities, content expansion and coverage, and a great user experience and exceptional customer service. Today, we enter brand-new territory.

I’m thrilled to announce our acquisition of Stream by Mosaic, the market’s broadest and highest-quality expert interview transcript library. Stream’s library contains over 8,500 in-depth expert interviews—with dozens more added every day—conducted by investment analysts that dig deep for insights, and aren’t available from any other source. Stream closely shares our mission for empowering strategic decision-making through the best insights and best technology; their content unlocks your ability to better understand the strategy of various players in a specific market, unearth unique competitive insights, and easily access market intelligence that simply wasn’t attainable previously without heavy primary research efforts.

Why Stream by Mosaic?

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Today more than ever, professionals are seeking differentiated sources of deep market intelligence to inform more confident decision-making.

While traditional “expert networks” have existed for decades, Stream’s model multiplies the sheer amount of insights that can be discovered from the manual effort of conducting 1:1 expert interviews. Stream’s library of interviews with former executives, competitors, and supply chain members of top companies is unprecedented, and is scaling rapidly with dozens of new transcripts added every day.

Expert calls were historically the domain of hedge funds, hundreds of which are already relying on Stream to give them the best insights on companies they look to invest in. But demand for this knowledge is expanding beyond into the corporate world—much like our Wall Street Insights® offering, which provides content from the world’s top analyst teams and brings together an exclusive collection of research and proprietary technology under one platform.

What’s next?

Though we are now one company, Stream will continue to operate independently. We’ll build on Stream’s tremendous success thus far, adding our proprietary AI search technology on top of an incredibly valuable content platform. Since our platform is used by over 700 financial firms and over 1200 corporations (including over 50% of S&P 500 corporations), we’ll also help accelerate their expansion even further in terms of content and reach.

We’re excited to welcome Stream to the AlphaSense team so that we can continue to drive our shared mission together. And we’re even more excited to see how much our respective clients can gain from this incredible combined offering.

Jack Kokko
Jack Kokko

Jack Kokko is the CEO and founder of AlphaSense, the search engine for market intelligence. His mission is to leverage AI to help businesses acquire information more efficiently, and make better decisions more quickly and confidently.

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