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Join us on a transformative journey where your career thrives, and your contributions shape global leaders’ decisions, profoundly impacting the world’s most influential companies.


Our core value is Sisu

At AlphaSense, our commitment to fostering innovation resonates in every facet of our culture. We deeply value each individual and prioritize a healthy work-life balance, offering benefits that reflect our dedication to your well-being, empowerment, and accountability.

Our core value of Sisu is central to our ethos, a uniquely Finnish concept encompassing courage, resilience, and forward-thinking innovation. Here at AlphaSense, Sisu is not just a word; it’s the cornerstone of our team’s spirit and collective drive. We embrace Sisu as a guiding principle, encouraging our team members to exhibit inner strength, determination, and a solution-oriented mindset in facing challenges.

We aim to cultivate a collaborative work environment that thrives on innovation and individual ownership, providing ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. Join us at AlphaSense, where your dedication meets a Sisu-driven excellence culture, propelling you and our company to greater heights.


Why join AlphaSense?

People are our #1 priority

We treat our employees like people. Whether you’re a seller or an engineer, we are committed to making sure you are seen and heard. And, with our generous PTO offering, you have the time outside of work to be the best person you can be at work.

We're product-led and customer-obsessed

Our platform is innovative, and our customers love us. If you love seeing your work quickly impact our customers’ lives and out in the wild, you will thrive here.

We're learners and growers

We’re building a culture where professional and personal growth are just as important as business growth. Not only do we offer the support and learning you need to do the best work of your career, but we provide flexible work arrangements and a culture of celebration and recognition.


We have a simple philosophy when it comes to employee benefits: give, listen, and evolve.

From flexible working models to volunteering opportunities, we want your benefits to support your personal and professional growth.


Life and work in India

Join AlphaSense in India for an exciting career journey. India, known for talent and innovation, offers a stage for your professional growth. Our Indian offices provide a blend of growth and enrichment in a vibrant tech ecosystem with deep cultural roots. At AlphaSense, join a diverse community that champions innovation. India’s dynamic markets expose you to cutting-edge technologies. Our commitment to a supportive work culture means your journey with AlphaSense is about more than just career progression—it’s being part of a community that values your contributions and propels your career.

If you see yourself in a diverse team of global talents working harmoniously, with curiosity and a passion for technology, playing a pivotal role in a rapidly growing company, AlphaSense may be the perfect fit for you!


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About you

Ideal candidate traits

Are you a team player with a blend of humility, hunger, intelligence, and Sisu? If so, we’re eager to connect with you! At AlphaSense, these qualities are essential for cultivating a robust, collaborative work environment where collective success is paramount.

We’re looking for individuals who embrace a learning mindset, prioritize teamwork over personal ego, and possess an unwavering drive for continual improvement. Your motivation, hunger for success, and proactive attitude are qualities we deeply value. Strong emotional intelligence, stellar communication skills, and a collaborative nature that fosters strong team dynamics are traits we hold in high regard.

Here at AlphaSense, we’re committed to nurturing a workplace culture that champions these attributes and acknowledges the contributions of team players who exemplify them. We strive to align with the ambition of ideal team players by offering avenues for personal and professional growth. We provide the necessary resources and unwavering support to help you achieve your aspirations. Our environment thrives on acknowledging hard work, dedication, and the power of teamwork, where your efforts are celebrated and duly rewarded.

AlphaSense is curating teams of exceptional players who embody the essence of Sisu, steering our company toward success and enabling us to impact the world positively. If these values drive you and seek an environment where your contributions matter, join us on this journey of creating meaningful change and achieving collective success.

Technologies used

ReactJS, TypeScript, Micro Frontends

NodeJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, Java 17, Spring Boot, Python, FastAPI

Java 17, Spring Boot, Python, FastAPI, Kafka

Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Vector Search, ML, LLM, Pytorch, Tensorflow

AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Crossplane, Argo CD

Cypress, Selenium, Selenide, Playwright, Rest Assured, K6, Prometheus, Loki, Grafana

Jumpstart your career in a hyper-growth company

For AlphaSense, now is the time to join. We’re looking for people who are just as excited as we are to help build the platform that empowers strategic decision-making.

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Broker Research Operations Analyst


Content Analyst


Content Analyst


Content Onboarding Analyst


Product Manager - Broker Research


Product Manager – Broker Research


Research Analyst [Content Team]


Research Analyst [Content Team]


Team Leader

Remote - India

Team Leader



Financial Analyst


Senior Cloud Platform Engineer, Core


Senior QA Automation Engineer


Senior Software Engineer - Integrations


Software Engineer II (Full Stack)


Software Engineer II (Java)


Staff Site Reliability Engineer



Senior Accounting Manager



Workplace, Community & Experience Specialist


Research & Development

Senior Software Engineer, Frontend


Revenue Operations

RevOps Tech Support Analyst


Sales Operations

Entitlement Analyst


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