A BioPharma Insights Company uses AlphaSense to Get Granular on Industry Insights

The Company

For more than two decades, a leading biopharmaceutical insights company has worked tirelessly to analyze trends and shifts in the competitive landscape so that investors can put funds toward groundbreaking clinical research and pharmaceutical initiatives. Having assembled a team of experts to aid them in this mission, they have a large breadth and depth of knowledge to tap into as they support drug manufacturers, investors, suppliers, and payers.

The Challenge

To supplement the expertise within their organization, the company relies on external platforms that contain information on industry topics and trends. “I do financial forecasting around new drugs in development, and in some cases, drugs that are already approved,” says the company’s senior director of clinical pharmacy. “We had resources at our disposal that could give you a consensus view of the financial projections for a particular drug. What was lacking in those reports were details.”

For example, the platforms previously used didn’t provide enough information around the methodologies of some of those projections. “As someone who is making projections myself, I want to be able to see how other people are coming to their own projections,” he says.

Additionally, searchability was limited on these platforms, and many insights were unstructured, disorganized, and siloed.

AlphaSense + Expert Insights

When this clinical pharmacy director arrived at the company, he started using AlphaSense, a market intelligence platform that allows investors and corporate professionals to make critical business decisions with confidence and speed. “A few people on our team had licenses to AlphaSense, and they made one available to me,” he says. “Through AlphaSense, I could get individual investor reports and look into the details to understand the methodology around their projections.”

“That was a game changer—being able to access how other people have come to their conclusions—and it led to better projections on our part. AlphaSense enabled us to look at projections from a whole new perspective.”

-Senior Director of Clinical Pharmacy

The company also has access to Expert Insights, a comprehensive library of more than 25,000 expert calls, transcripts, and interviews, in Alphasense. “[Expert Insights] gives us access to higher quality, more in-depth interviews conducted by a buy-side analyst,” the clinical pharmacy director says. “They ask the same questions I would ask if I had a key opinion leader sitting in my office. [Expert Insights] is incredibly useful and provides another level of detail that we otherwise wouldn’t have.”

“[Expert Insights] helps us get specific information from key opinion leaders on how a particular drug will be used and what the uptake might be. Because we aren’t directly connected to a health system or a payer, my role doesn’t have direct access to KOLs, making [Expert Insights] an invaluable part of my job.”

-Senior Director of Clinical Pharmacy

With expert interviews in transcript and audio format, Expert Insights rounds out the perspectives provided by the AlphaSense market intelligence platform. The combined platform helps surface insights on a wide array of topics, providing a more robust view of the industry and allowing the company to make faster, more efficient decisions.

“Because AlphaSense and [Expert Insights] are such high-quality products, we know that we are providing a higher level of customer satisfaction and likely creating more renewals. It’s not just a ‘nice-to-have.’ It’s a necessity.”

-Senior Director of Clinical Pharmacy

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