Managing Director at Cancer Research Institute Calls AlphaSense ‘Google on Steroids’ for Clinical Funding Initiatives

The Firm

New York City-based Cancer Research Institute (CRI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research and development—and clinical development—of immunotherapies for all cancers. In order to achieve their mission of creating “a world immune to cancer,” it’s vital for CRI to remain up-to-date on the latest developments in the drug research market and what’s happening in the field of immunotherapy. 

Buried Insights

Finding the right insights through the kind of market research CRI conducts can be costly and time-consuming.  “I have used many different tools to do my research, but AlphaSense has stood out to me since they first reached out to me in February of 2019,” says Jay Campbell, the managing director of the Clinical Accelerator and Venture Fund at CRI. “With other tools, I am usually able to get the information I need, but sometimes it’s buried and it takes a long time to dig it up.” Because he’s responsible for managing oncology clinical trials supported by CRI as well as venture investments, Jay needed a platform that provided more content specific to his needs and that would save him time and energy when researching. 

Working Smarter and Faster with AlphaSense

AlphaSense, a market intelligence solution that drives confidence and speed in critical investment decisions, helped Jay and the CRI team monitor developments in cancer research and clinical trials as well as stay abreast of information pertaining to corporate partners. “AlphaSense allows me to research specific companies and monitor their activities in real-time.” Jay says. “I use the platform to find company financials, sell-side research, press releases, and company presentations.”

“AlphaSense makes me about 33% more efficient. For example, there were times I couldn’t find a company presentation I was looking for because it was buried in a lot of noise. AlphaSense allows me to find the report immediately through its top-notch search capabilities.”

-Jay Campbell, Managing Director, Clinical Accelerator and Venture Fund, Cancer Research Institute

AlphaSense also gives Jay and his team better, more specific search results. So much so, Jay calls AlphaSense “Google on steroids.” 

“AlphaSense is extremely user-friendly and has one of the richest datasets and data sources I have ever come across.The specificity of the results allows us to be much more efficient. We are able to quickly identify what information is relevant to us. It’s all packaged in a one-stop shop.” 

-Jay Campbell, Managing Director, Clinical Accelerator and Venture Fund, Cancer Research Institute

AlphaSense also lets Jay set up real-time alerts for specific needs he has, such as company developments and clinical trial disclosures. 

“The timeliness of receiving the latest information, particularly with real-time alerts, is very helpful to me and my team as we work extensively with third-party partners and collaborators,” Jay says. “Having the ability to stay informed about developments with these partners is very helpful, if not critical. I also have a high degree of confidence with the information provided by AlphaSense. That lets me make decisions quicker.”

-Jay Campbell, Managing Director, Clinical Accelerator and Venture Fund, Cancer Research Institute

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