Consulting Firm Keeps Clients Up-to-Date on Competitors with AlphaSense

The Firm

At a boutique consulting firm, experts work to provide customized insights and analysis throughout the product life cycle. Their founders’ expert training gives them a solid foundation to advise clients on competitor tactics and strategies, and how their products fit within the competitive landscape for various initiatives.

The Need for a More Intuitive Intelligence Platform

This consulting firm routinely researches developments related to their clients’ competitors through news articles, press releases, and company filings. With tight deadlines, they needed a tool to help them manage the volume of articles, sometimes reviewing a myriad of articles in a day, to answer client questions or to provide timely insights on a relevant topic.

“We were using a specific platform and there was so much time that went into building dashboards, refining searches, and trying to eliminate noise and bring out signals,” the firm’s founder says. “Many times the insights we needed would pop up two and a half days later than when we needed to actually see them. It was essentially a waste of time.” Additionally, the tools they were utilizing lacked the intuitiveness necessary for them to glean important information and competitive insights quickly.

AlphaSense is the Solution

With AlphaSense, the company is able to quickly and efficiently synthesize large volumes of information to produce more comprehensive and timely reports for their clients. For the team, search results show up faster.

“The two big things that I’ve found most helpful with AlphaSense are timeliness and completeness of search results,” the founder says. “AlphaSense is a much more powerful and refined search engine that’s very focused on the types of documents and search returns we’re interested in. A lot of other intelligence tools today don’t have the full document flow that AlphaSense has.”

Instead of wading through dozens upon dozens of news articles in a day to help clients understand important market insights, AlphaSense allows them to create targeted keyword searches across specific topics.

“I search through those keywords each day and review the articles, press releases, and company documents that come up,” says one of the firm’s managing consultants. “Then I pull out the necessary information and use it in my deliverables to clients. AlphaSense helps me take advantage of the collation of the various news sources based on a keyword search string.”

Similarly, AlphaSense can highlight updates to documents which allows the company to flag material changes to intelligence at a glance, while cutting through noise. AlphaSense also keeps a repository of historical business data that is essential when the team develops proposals that win business.

“With AlphaSense, I don’t ever feel like I’m missing anything,” the firm’s managing consultant says. “AlphaSense gives me peace of mind.”

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