DCAP Chooses AlphaSense for Faster, Deeper Searches—Saving Time and Money

About DCAP

DCAP Ltd is a licensed portfolio manager for thematic Web3 investment solutions operating from Switzerland. Founded in 2022, DCAP faced the challenge of narrowing down a broad investment universe to assets related to Web3. To address their unique needs and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving Web3 space, AlphaSense was the right solution for their growth.

About Web3

Web3 refers to the next phase of the internet, characterized by decentralized web ecosystems that are enabled by blockchain technology. These ecosystems allow anyone to create, own and exchange digital assets. This new wave of the web is set to make a profound impact on financial markets, the economy, and society in general. DCAP focuses on a broad “universe” of companies and projects related to Web3, including equities, digital assets, strategies, and private markets. With a team of 14 experienced professionals, DCAP identifies and analyzes promising investment opportunities within the Web3 ecosystem.

Time-consuming search

DCAP encountered two primary challenges in their market intelligence efforts. First, they needed to identify companies and projects globally that were engaged in Web3. This included companies investing in the technology, building Web3 focused teams, and proactively seeking new business opportunities. Finding this information solely from public sources was a laborious task. DCAP also needed to conduct extensive research on these companies to gain insights into their financials, technology, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. This required analyzing financial statements, company websites, and various research sources.

Using AlphaSense to save time and money

In order to make faster business decisions and improve their search efforts, DCAP decided to adopt AlphaSense, an AI-based search platform that allows users to find information on companies, data and themes from within millions of research documents in seconds. DCAP was able to speed up and deepen their searches in the following ways:

Company Discovery: DCAP utilized AlphaSense’s Smart Synonyms feature to search for keywords such as “blockchain,” “Web3,” and “crypto” to identify companies involved in the Web3 ecosystem. By having access to research, public information, news, and company statements allowed DCAP to conduct in-depth searches and discover relevant companies that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

“AlphaSense helps us spot companies that are oriented toward Web3. With AlphaSense, we can narrow our search down by sector, source, or time, so that makes the tool very powerful for us. It helps us find more and more companies that could be eligible for our universe.”

Claudio Schneider, CEO, DCAP Ltd

Research and Analysis: Once a list of potential companies was generated, DCAP performed further research and analysis on each company. AlphaSense enabled them to access financial statements, company websites, and transcripts, providing valuable insights into each company’s operations and strategies. DCAP experienced significant time savings by utilizing one, user-friendly platform that provided all the necessary information in one location.

“AlphaSense gives us access to a vast amount of research, including third-party research. With other platforms, we have to manually set up access to each research source, and it can be very time consuming. What makes AlphaSense unique from other platforms is the extra coverage. Instead of having to create our own AI-based tool, which would take six months to a year and costs significantly more than AlphaSense, we save a lot of time and money with this tool.”

Sebastian Steib, Lead Investment Manager, DCAP Ltd

With the internet and technology developing at breakneck speed, DCAP’s investment in companies and projects focused on Web3’s blockchain-centered technology signifies their mission to be at the forefront of these changes. With AlphaSense, DCAP is armed with best-in-class market intelligence to be at the cutting edge.

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