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The company

Haskell is a multinational architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firm and pioneer in design-build project delivery. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Haskell is driven by an innovative spirit and a relentless pursuit of optimal customer service and continues to lead the industry in adopting new project delivery methods. The firm’s innovative roots find their home today at Dysruptek, a Haskell venture that invests in disruptive AEC technologies reshaping the built world. 

Director of Strategy Technology Investments and at Haskell, Cutler Knupp leads Dysruptek’s corporate venture capital program that conducts proactive research focused on the lasting impacts or major technology advances within the construction industry and aims to identify early stage bleeding-edge investments in the AEC space. 

The challenge

In the last 12 months, the AEC industry, and many of Haskell’s clients, felt the impacts of the pandemic. From construction projects grinding to a halt, to supply chain disruptions, Cutler quickly recognized that there were opportunities for his team to pivot their future-forward research to focus instead on helping their most strategic customers navigate through this new reality. With new information being released every day and no internal process to efficiently synthesize and distribute insights across a global team, Cutler realized he needed to pivot his use of AlphaSense to help Haskell serve their customers in their time of need. He needed to completely change his workflow in the tool to gather and synthesize critical insights efficiently and create a process to effectively distribute information to his C-Suite and relationship managers in the field.


During the height of COVID, AlphaSense helped Cutler quickly adapt in the face of change and create a structured and efficient process. Real-time alerts and intuitive AI allowed him to quickly deliver insights to his global team and proactively serve customer needs. 

Proactively serve client needs

While Haskell’s clients were experiencing a “range of disruptions”, Cutler and his team pivoted their use of AlphaSense to create Watchlists on their most strategic partners. With Watchlists, they were able to identify the most relevant information and consolidate insights to share with the business leaders making timely communications to proactively address customer needs.

Efficient, cross-functional process

Cutler mentions that “It would have been impossible for us to have appropriately set up a structure to report on [new information] accordingly as they were coming out in real-time.” In setting up Alerts, they were able to quickly filter the most relevant information, source necessary insights, build instant context around the topic and save valuable time.

Effective industry monitoring

As the world slowly returns back to normal, Cutler’s team is returning to their original use of AlphaSense – helping them to “track trends”, “understand the future of the industry and where it’s moving”, and ultimately identify early-stage investment opportunities in the AEC space. With millions of documents available within AlphaSense, the tool has “consolidated information into one platform” and saves the team valuable time in the research process. 

You can filter through what would be a 20 page release in a matter of a minute and a half.”

Cutler Knupp, Director of Strategy and Technology Investments, Haskell

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