Royalty Pharma Uses Expert Insights in AlphaSense as Tool for Due Diligence

The Company

As the biopharmaceutical industry grows and transforms, New York City-based Royalty Pharma helps to fuel that growth as an industry-leader in the royalty financing market. For more than 25 years, Royalty Pharma has been providing capital to innovators by acquiring royalties on innovative biopharmaceutical products.

For instance, by purchasing the future royalty streams on the Vertex Pharmaceuticals franchise of innovative medicines to treat cystic fibrosis (CF) from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Royalty Pharma provided over three billion dollars for the foundation to pursue its mission of finding a cure for CF. More broadly, Royalty Pharma partners across the biopharma ecosystem to support late-stage clinical development programs and the launch of new medicines.

The need for a competitive intelligence platform

Given the long-term nature of royalty-based financing, Royalty Pharma places a major focus on the due diligence process. The Royalty Pharma approach to due diligence emphasizes an exhaustive and global understanding of all aspects of new medicines from the clinical, regulatory, commercial, and competitive perspectives.

Royalty Pharma relies on an array of information sources, so tools that can help efficiently and accurately identify and organize important trends add value. The company commonly performs in-depth interviews with healthcare professionals, key opinion leaders, community practitioners, nurses and other experts as a part of the due diligence process. “The [Expert Insights] in AlphaSense transcript library is a uniquely important tool to canvas a broad array of physician and other perspectives,” says Sandy Balkin, SVP of Strategy and Analytics at Royalty Pharma.

“Knowledge management is an industry-wide challenge,” Sandy continued, “AlphaSense and [Expert Insights] are part of Royalty Pharma’s solutions for managing an ever increasing number of inputs in our evaluation of new medicines.”

An efficient and effective solution

Expert Insights in AlphaSense enables the Royalty Pharma team to leverage AI search technology across a library of more than 25,000 transcripts of interviews with industry experts to identify relevant perspectives from multiple healthcare industry stakeholders. Expert Insights provides value by helping the Royalty Pharma team stay up-to-date on trends across the biopharma landscape.

“With [Expert Insights], we have access to the full library of transcripts across verticals and this helps our team efficiently access information. For example, the availability of expert calls in audio format is useful to our team.”

Sandy Balkin
SVP of Strategy and Analytics, Royalty Pharma

The Royalty Pharma team accesses the expert transcript library in AlphaSense as often as needed. “AlphaSense and [Expert Insights] are readily available and useful sources of information for our team.” Sandy says.

“[Expert Insights] is a helpful productivity tool in the Royalty Pharma due diligence process. There is a premium on time-to-information—and [Expert Insights] in AlphaSense provides a resource to rapidly investigate a variety of biopharma insights.”

Sandy Balkin
SVP of Strategy and Analytics, Royalty Pharma

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