Tech Mahindra Sifts Insights from Noise to Identify New Business Opportunities with AlphaSense

The Company

Operating across 90 countries, Tech Mahindra is a $5 billion global provider of digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services. Tech Mahindra is a trusted technology partner for companies across industries, including banking, telecom, media, education, retail, manufacturing. With multiple service lines covering IT development and software support, network services, cyber security, and business process management, Tech Mahindra is one of the foremost players in the BPO space. The company places a high premium on industry research and insights to better understand the marketplace, their customers, and competitors.

The Challenge

Having a big-picture view of the market is important for the Tech Mahindra Market & Competitive Insights (M&CI) team to remain competitive and serve their customers. Setting up daily alerts through other platforms and searching with Ctrl+F have their place in the research process, but they’re not efficient ways to reliably find information on the industry topics, companies, and competitors that are important to the business, according to Radhika Mathur, Tech Mahindra’s head of research and insights. “In order to stay updated on competitors, customers and partners,” Radhika says, “setting up alerts for each one is a suboptimal way to work.”

Additionally, extracting the right signals using traditional search methods surfaces results, but they’re often disorganized, biased, unstructured, and siloed. “That makes it difficult to extract meaningful signals and get unbiased results,” Radhika says. “We have to be able to know what customers are saying, identify the signals that are right for our frontline staff, and quickly and efficiently sort through various news sources. It can be a challenging process.”

The Solution

Radhika has witnessed first hand AlphaSense’s broad coverage of market trends, topics, and competitive insights over the years. “AlphaSense gives you all of the information in one place,” Radhika says. “It was a no-brainer to use AlphaSense when I got to Tech Mahindra.” It didn’t take long for others within Tech Mahindra to see the value, too. Radhika was able to quickly socialize the benefits of AlphaSense among Tech Mahindra leadership.

Unparalleled Access

AlphaSense offers Tech Mahindra unparalleled access to broker research. Additionally, AlphaSense highlights keyword searches and generates similar words with Smart Synonyms so the team never misses an insight.

“AlphaSense has so many amazing differentiators. The fact that we can track what’s going on in so many different industries at the same time all in one place through the dashboard tool makes our life so much easier.”

– Radhika Mathur, Head of Research and Insights, Tech Mahindra

Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness

AlphaSense also helps the Market & Competitive Insights team drastically reduce search time, save money, and ultimately generate revenue for the company. “Through AlphaSense, we are equipping our salespeople with better analyses of market trends on specific topics to help them do their job,” Radhika says. “All relevant information and news is found in one easy to navigate space. AlphaSense is way more efficient than other tools and allows us to support more RFPs at the same time.”

“AlphaSense not only helps us sift insights from the noise, but also allows us to identify new business opportunities and be more effective in responding to our customers and their needs.”

– Radhika Mathur, Head of Research and Insights, Tech Mahindra

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