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Why 76% of the world’s top consultancies trust AlphaSense

Stronger Proposal Alignment

Get smart on a company’s strategy and performance faster with access to broker research, expert call transcripts, earnings transcripts, and more, all in one place.

Deeper Client Relationships

Proactively bring new ideas and thought leadership to the table with insights easily surfaced for you.

Research Productivity

Go deeper, faster on new client projects by letting AI do the manual work of finding the information for you.

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AlphaSense and Stream help me align the challenges companies are dealing with to the services that FTI offers. I just love AlphaSense. For my market research, it’s brilliant.”

Fabiano Lopes

Managing Director of FTI’s Business Transformation practice

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It’s the time savings, it’s the magic of being able to go in and get what you need in an easy, comprehensive way. User interfaces on other platforms don’t have the search functionality that AlphaSense has. To me, having AlphaSense is a no-brainer.”

Tanya Humphrey

Founder and Managing Partner

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The best consultants gain their competitive edge with industry research from Wall Street’s top analysts. Find out how.

The smarter way to conduct market intelligence


Easily extract insights from over 10,000 sources

Get smart on a new client’s business by analyzing historical earnings transcripts with Snippet Explorer and Blacklining.


Accelerate your research

Quickly identify opportunities by searching across broker research, filings, press releases, and transcripts.


Proactively identify market opportunities

Conduct a more comprehensive landscape or SWOT analysis to uncover whitespace opportunities and build more strategic relationships.


Understand what’s on the CEO’s agenda

Quickly understand topics being discussed on earnings calls with Company Topics.


Craft compelling C-suite narratives

Stay ahead of the curve on industry trends and analyze shifts in sentiment to develop unique perspectives that drive new business.


Stay up to date on market commentary

Track the perspective of analysts, experts, executives and journalists all in one place with a customizable Dashboard and real-time alerts.

AlphaSense is a Leader in
Market Intelligence on G2

Robust and helpful tool
“[What I like best] is the speed at which I can conduct my research and the confidence it gives me in knowing whether there is information available on a given topic.”

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