AlphaSense ‘Magic’ Powers HelloInfo’s Client Deliverables

The Firm

HelloInfo is a strategic research firm based in Toronto that provides clients with actionable value through external research about their customers, competitors, and markets. Founded in 2021 by Nicolle McKinnon and Tanya Humphrey—who have extensive strategic consulting experience supporting some of the world’s largest corporations—HelloInfo reaches across a wide variety of industries to provide research-backed answers to clients’ most challenging strategic questions.

The Challenge

Customers come to HelloInfo for help answering a variety of questions, including how to maintain and grow market share, what is the market size and forecasted growth for a given industry, how competitors are addressing the market differently, and more. HelloInfo performs customer and competitor research through primary and secondary sources, including conducting interviews with experts. Since their team is small, they needed a tool that would expedite the process of sifting through research documents and data. Additionally, many existing platforms lacked the search functionality and actionable insights that HelloInfo needed at a reasonable price point.

The Solution

When HelloInfo’s co-founder and managing partner Tanya Humphrey learned about AlphaSense, the path to faster research and more actionable insights for clients looked a lot smoother. She was at another company at the time. “I fell in love with AlphaSense when I got the demo,” Tanya says. “As a librarian by trade, having a tool that couples solid insights along with search functionality is just what I need. The best part was that people who don’t understand databases like I do could jump right into AlphaSense and get meaningful insights right away.” When she and Nicolle left their previous company to start HelloInfo, they knew they wanted AlphaSense as their market intelligence platform.

“From the first time I used AlphaSense, I thought ‘This is a game changer,” Tanya says.

AlphaSense provides HelloInfo with broker research, event transcripts, expert interviews, and gathers competitive intelligence from disparate sources into a one-stop-shop solution that is crucial for HelloInfo’s growing boutique consulting firm. “You can get event transcripts anywhere, but the speed at which we get them through AlphaSense is astronomical, and it saves us so much time,” Tanya says. “While we could have purchased these reports and insights from somewhere else, it would have cost us much more in the long run. By subscribing to AlphaSense, we get it all in one place.”

For a rapidly growing business like HelloInfo, AlphaSense provides convenience and peace of mind as their team conducts research and develops informative deliverables for their clients.

“It’s the time savings, it’s the magic of being able to go in and get what you need in an easy, comprehensive way,” Tanya says. “I love the keyword search, the keyword highlights, and the way everything is laid out. User interfaces on other platforms don’t have the search functionality that AlphaSense has. To me, having AlphaSense is a no brainer.”

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