AlphaSense iOS App: Expert Insights On the Go

As a business professional, you may often find that you need to conduct fast-paced market research on the go. However, conducting traditional market research can chain you to your desk as you sift through endless text documents or source expert calls through expert networks.

That’s why we launched the AlphaSense iOS mobile application to provide you with Expert Insights on the go, wherever you are. Whether you’re en route to visit a client, stuck in an airport, or working away from the office, you can access our all-in-one market intelligence platform right at your fingertips.

For market researchers, accessing valuable expert perspectives anywhere is crucial to making fast and fully informed business decisions. Below, we explore how using the AlphaSense iOS app can transform your research by providing you access to Expert Insights on the go.

Untether Your Primary Research

Conducting market research can be a strenuous process that requires you to dig through swathes of text-heavy documents, manually decipher data, and tediously schedule expert calls through networks. Typically, these traditional processes can delay your primary research and limit your ability to capitalize on timely insights while commuting or traveling.

Fortunately, AlphaSense’s mobile app is a pocket powerhouse for centralized market intelligence that evolves your primary research with:

  • Uninterrupted Workflow – Experience a synchronized workflow by integrating AlphaSense with your existing workflow tools, with seamless access to Expert Insights offline and online, and centralized note-taking.

Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic? Waiting in line for your morning coffee? Utilize AlphaSense’s mobile-optimized tools (dashboards, audio player, search, and more) to take your primary research anywhere you go.

Experience an Uninterrupted Workflow

Are you in transit, or trapped without wifi? No problemyour workflow won’t be interrupted with AlphaSense. You can easily download documents to read offline by clicking the handy “cloud icon” beside each document.

The AlphaSense app empowers you to transform everyday downtime into productive research sessions. Curate an expert call playlist by bookmarking interesting transcripts and then hit download to resume them the next time you’re offline and ready to research.

Additionally, taking detailed notes and records can help you turn valuable intelligence found in the AlphaSense platform into actionable insights. With AlphaSense, you can easily manage and share the intelligence you collect to collaborate with your team.

  • Centralize Your Notes – Use our advanced markup capabilities to highlight, tag, annotate, or take notes in any document within AlphaSense–all of which are automatically sent to your AlphaSense Notebook.
  • Share Knowledge Easily – With our Notebook templates and collaboration tools, you can write notes more easily, build a thesis, share info, and collect feedback on your research materials across your team in a secure hosting environment.
  • Integrate Your Workflow – AlphaSense works with the apps and tools you already use to help you be more productive with less effort. Connect with integrations to Box, Sharepoint, OneNote, or leverage our API suite to upload your proprietary content securely.

This uninterrupted workflow allows you to create a personalized and collaborative research journey, whether online or offline.

Easily Explore the Expert Transcript Library

Our expert transcript library contains over 40,000 proprietary transcripts with audio from industry experts ranging from current and former executives, competitors, employees, and customers. Leverage AlphaSense’s searchable database of expert transcripts and filter any thematic search by expert name, industry, topic, company, and more.

You can easily navigate our extensive expert transcript library during your next commute to capture quality expert perspectives by using:

  • Smart Summaries – Glean instant insights with AI-generated insights from any expert transcript to reduce time spent on research and quickly capture expert SWOT perspectives on the go.
  • Audio Player – Immerse yourself in the full audio experience of expert calls to gain nuanced insights beyond the text by listening to voice inflection and tonality.
  • AI Assistant – Gain real-time answers by asking live questions to our AI-powered chatbot designed to summarize billions of data points to get you from question to answer, faster.
  • Automated Alerts – Set up custom alerts for target topics, companies, and industries to stay up-to-date and get notified when a new transcript relevant to your research is published.
  • Expert Call Services – Easily schedule a personalized expert call with a transcript’s subject matter expert by clicking the “Talk to This Expert” button available on every transcript.

Explore the entire AlphaSense content universe by combining our suite of Expert Insights with an extensive collection of financial research and documents available in the platform to gain the full value of an all-in-one market intelligence experience.

Unlock the Power of AlphaSense in Your Pocket

Financial researchers and business professionals are relying more on mobile applications to conduct business than ever before. Use the AlphaSense iOS app for all-in-one market intelligence that provides an uninterrupted workflow, powerful AI search tools, and Expert Insights anywhere you go. 

Download the AlphaSense iOS app now, or sign up for a free trial today.

Ees Qureshi
Ees Qureshi
Content Marketing Specialist

Ees is a Content Marketing Specialist at AlphaSense and responsible for elevating the brand of Expert Insights, a unique content set of alternative data, through the power of storytelling. Previously, Ees has been a seasoned copywriter across various industries throughout his career and also authored “masala chai,” an illustrated poetry book capturing his journey as a South Asian minority in America.

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