Uncover Deeper Insights with AlphaSense and Stream Expert Call Services

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, staying ahead of the competition requires access to timely and relevant information. AlphaSense and Stream Expert Call Services are two powerful tools that can provide any business with an incredible edge against its competitors.

AlphaSense is a market intelligence platform with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) features that enables users to quickly navigate and analyze vast amounts of financial and business information.

Stream in AlphaSense provides businesses with valuable expert insights for investment research on target sectors, industries, or companies through its expert transcript library or one-on-one expert calls.

Below, we explore how the integration of AlphaSense and Stream Expert Call Services bolster your primary research with deeper expert insights that drive smarter business decisions.

What is Stream Expert Call Services?

Stream Expert Call Services offers one-on-one phone consultations with leading industry experts from our transcript library or custom sourced experts through our dedicated research team. Our committed service is accompanied by world-class compliance, transparent pricing, free transcriptions, and a 70% cost savings compared to traditional expert networks

Stream Expert Call Services provides the most cost-effective access to pre-qualified industry experts who are at the heart of their industries, continually immersed in the latest trends, challenges, and innovations.

Industry experts are closest to the “source of truth” and uniquely capable of providing accurate, relevant, and insightful perspectives. Each expert at Stream is pre-qualified and carefully custom sourced by our team to meet compliance and quality standards. Through our rigorous screening process, Stream provides high-quality and secure alternative data to prevent any exposure to material non-public information (MNPI) and provide you peace of mind.

With Stream Expert Call Services, you can hand pick experts from a transcript that piques your interest to further dive into that subject and extract personalized insights. You also have the option to deploy our diligent research team to custom recruit experts based on your research needs and criteria. Both options provide you the opportunity to uncover granular insights on any topic to support your business and investment strategies.

Integration of AlphaSense and Stream Expert Call Services

We’ve revolutionized the power of primary research by combining Stream’s suite of Expert Insights with the AlphaSense platform. This integration provides you with the most robust and comprehensive research platform in the world. 

AlphaSense’s AI search technology allows businesses to eliminate manual research and quickly navigate through company filings, research reports, news articles, and more in order to efficiently gather quality insights on any topic. 

By integrating Stream’s Expert Call Services into AlphaSense, businesses can access specialized information that is typically too niche to be grasped by a single call transcript. You can delve into the depths of industry knowledge by connecting with individuals who possess an intimate understanding and expertise in their respective fields.

Stream Expert Call Services allows researchers to dive even deeper into their target subjects to extract granular insights that fill in information gaps. This approach enables a deeper level of analysis, allowing you to extract valuable insights that might otherwise remain hidden.

In essence, our solution allows you to move beyond surface-level understanding and traditional limitations, driving more informed decision-making and maximizing your ROI

How to Utilize AlphaSense and Stream Together

The fusion of Stream expert calls and transcripts with AlphaSense provides a 360-view of any topic you’re exploring. To harness the combined power of AlphaSense and Stream, follow these steps:

  1. Start Your Initial Research with AlphaSense: Begin your research journey by using AlphaSense to identify key topics relevant to your business. Utilize its advanced search capabilities to access a wide range of information, including earnings call transcripts, SEC filings, news articles, and more. Secondary research is a great jumping off point for identifying key themes and market-moving events that could impact your specific industry.
  2. Add in Primary Research with Stream’s Expert Transcript Library: Add a layer of primary research to your efforts by taking advantage of Stream’s expert transcript library. These expert call transcripts serve as a comprehensive repository of expert insights, allowing you to digest and analyze discussions in detail. They also give you a great idea of what experts are saying about key themes and market-moving events, particularly with regards to their specific industry.
  3. Dive Even Deeper with Expert Call Services: Once you have identified your key topics, leverage Stream Expert Call Services to dive deeper into those areas. Schedule personalized expert calls with industry professionals who can provide specialized knowledge and granular insights. Do you have any burning questions you’re looking to get answered around a theme or market-moving event? Expert Call Services allows you to get the answers to your most top-of-mind questions. 

The Competitive Edge: Using AlphaSense and Stream for Business Strategy

Industry experts offer real-time knowledge and practical experiences. They provide a lens into the intricacies and hidden facets of their industries and distill complex topics into digestible insights that drive forward thinking.

Engaging with our experts ensures you’re not just reacting to the market changes, but predicting and preparing for them. They bring years of accumulated expertise, nuanced understanding, and hard-earned wisdom to the table. By leveraging their insights, you are fast-tracking your own understanding to give your business a vital competitive edge with informed decision-making.

The integration of AlphaSense and Stream Expert Call Services offers a competitive edge in various industries to gain superior insights and drive smarter decision-making. Still unsure about the power of scheduling one-on-one calls with any of the thousands of experts in the Stream platform? Learn more about Expert Call Services. 

Ready to unlock a world of knowledge and insights with personalized expert calls? Start a free trial today.

Alyees Qureshi
Alyees Qureshi
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Alyees is a Content Marketing Specialist at Stream by AlphaSense and experienced copywriter in a range of industries including: healthcare, financial services, technology, and energy. He is also the author of “Masala Chai,” a poetry book capturing his experience as a South Asian minority in America.

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