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A key advantage for AlphaSense users within the investment space is the ability to quickly get up to speed on a new industry or understand the impact of an event within a known industry. Pinpointing quick and accurate insights to gain a first mover advantage is critical to investment recommendations or realigning a portfolio.

When it comes to swiftly performing top-down research, such as an industry analysis, here are three unique ways that you can leverage AlphaSense:

#1 Uncovering Industry Trends

The first technique involves leveraging our genAI technology, in particular our industry Smart Summaries. This gives you a direct perspective on industry-wide trends and common threads across that particular sector, as well as across key companies. 

Using semiconductors as an example: you start with a simple ticker search. For this semiconductor example, we will use NVDA. Immediately this brings up the tearsheet for the company, where we see the Smart Summaries feature providing an overview of the company. From this page, we are also able to click into the Industry Summary, which includes NVIDIA.

supercharge your industry analysis financial services

Now you can see the key trends across all companies within the same GICS classification as NVIDIA. The Industry Summary feature highlights the top trending companies within the sector. In the near future, users will be able to customize this list. Instantly, we can see the overall trending topics, positives, negatives, and outlook across all companies in the industry. 

This is a fantastic initial starting point to get smart on a new industry or see a summary of overall trends. When you find a topic that is interesting, you can click in to see the exact sources and snippets that make up the summary.

#2 The different perspectives around an industry or theme

With our Search Smart Summaries feature, you can instantly get a high level perspective of what different analysts and experts are saying. So continuing with the semiconductor example, if you search for the keyword “high bandwidth memory” (or HBM), you will see a genAI summary across all the major perspectives or voices.

In other words, with one search, you can glean the most important information about HBM coming out of earnings calls, broker research, the expert transcript library, and if applicable, Enterprise Intelligence from your own internal content.

supercharge your industry analysis financial services

If you want to refine the search even more, you can modify the specific industry or sector using the industry filter, or add your own watchlist to this search. This enables you to dive easily into each perspective, and see even more summaries for that content set.

supercharge your industry analysis financial services

In a situation where you already have a specific topic or theme to explore further—for example an event or recent topic impacting an industry, watchlist or portfolio—you can leverage these genAI summaries to quickly get a well-rounded understanding to support any investment hypothesis or portfolio exposure.

#3 Identifying the relationships between players

Maybe you want to quickly understand and learn about companies that are partnered with or have a business relationship with the company in question. As an example, back in February NVIDIA released a disclosure, which detailed a number of companies they had invested in. As a result of this disclosure, these companies’ stock prices rose.

In this instance, you want to quickly isolate companies talking about partnering with NVIDIA, but not NVIDIA themselves talking about partners. Fortunately, with AlphaSense this information is quick and easy to surface. 

By utilizing the negative or reverse ticker search, alongside a keyword (e.g. partnership, supplier, etc.), we can find all documents that are discussing a  partnership with the company. We can even add additional filters for industry or even geography as needed. 


On the search summary page, you can then find a list of companies that are tagged to the relevant documents in the results. This provides us a full list of companies related to NVIDIA in a specific way. We can then quickly scan the documents in the results to gather all the additional information needed.


This feature can be incredibly helpful if you are trying to map the players and relationships in an industry or space. It is also helpful if there is an event or risk associated with a specific company, in order to isolate other potential companies that might be at risk or impacted as a result.

AlphaSense Keeps You Ahead of the Curve

Successful investment decisions hinge on speed, accuracy, and confidence. That’s why so many financial services professionals trust AlphaSense to help them move faster than the market and outperform the competition. 

Our powerful combination of advanced AI technology and vast universe of premium, private, public, and proprietary content empowers full-scale, comprehensive market research—in less time and with maximal accuracy. 

Start your free trial today to see how AlphaSense helps you level up your research.

Tom Gardiner
Tom Gardiner

Tom is a product marketing director who works with the search, summarization, and monitoring product teams at AlphaSense. Tom has spent 10 years in B2B marketing, in all company sizes from global to early-stage startups.

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