E2open Saves Hundreds of Hours Using AlphaSense to Gain Unparalleled Access to the Right Intelligence

The Company

E2open is a leading global provider of cloud-based, end-to-end supply chain management software solutions. With a deep focus on enabling collaborative and connected commerce, e2open empowers businesses across various industries to optimize their supply chain operations, drive efficiency, and enhance overall business performance. E2open offers a comprehensive suite of solutions and in order to stay competitive, they require valuable insights into the market from a fast and efficient source.

Challenges in Getting The Right Competitive Intelligence Tool

Daniel Heffner runs competitive intelligence initiatives at e2open; for him, the challenge with market research is how time-consuming and manual it can be. E2open operates in a competitive landscape, with a large number of rivals and a broad customer base. To keep up with the latest developments and gather relevant information, Daniel needed a tool that could automate parts of the research process and save valuable time.

Additionally, Daniel struggled to gain visibility into unpublished information, such as insights that have not been widely accessed or analyzed by competitors. Unlocking this kind of information would provide Daniel with a deeper understanding of nuanced market dynamics and give him a competitive edge. He needed a tool that would access this type of information and gather and consolidate it effectively.

Another challenge for Daniel has been repetitive and tedious searches. Daniel frequently searched for specific topics, phrases, and themes across various documents, such as competitors’ earnings releases, presentations, press releases, and analyst reports. The traditional manual approach of using Ctrl+F and performing multiple permutations of searches was time-consuming and prone to human error. Daniel needed a solution that could streamline and simplify these searches, making them more efficient and accurate.

Overcoming Manual, Repetitive Searching with AlphaSense

When Daniel adopted AlphaSense, an AI-based search platform, he found what he calls an “efficiency lever” which allowed him to automate tasks that would otherwise require extensive manual effort. Instead of spending hundreds of hours manually collecting information, Daniel relies on AlphaSense to do the work for him, freeing up time for analysis and strategic thinking.

“Some of the most powerful features of AlphaSense for us are where the computer does what would be the tedious work for me. This comes in multiple dimensions—finding different phrases and topics in documents, competitors earnings releases and presentations, press releases, and analyst reports. AlphaSense has this AI-based fuzzy matching that lets me just enter a concept once and be confident that the computer has overturned all the rocks I need overturned.”

Daniel Heffner, Director of Competitive Intelligence, e2open

Daniel also loves AlphaSense’s sentiment analysis capability, including red-green highlighting, sentiment trend bars, and topic matrix. He estimates this tool saves him hundreds of hours.

“Using AlphaSense, it’s just a 5 or 10 minute check-in, and I can be armed with information that 10 years ago would’ve taken me a day to assemble.”

Daniel Heffner, Director of Competitive Intelligence, e2open

In addition, AlphaSense allows Daniel to access competitors’ earnings releases within 12 to 24 hours, as opposed to days later.

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