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Improve research speed and accuracy

The team spends less time gathering data and more focusing on producing unique, quality insights for their clients

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Capture all the right info

AI increases confidence and improves the team’s ability to monitor the latest trends and developments by industry

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Increase research output

The team reduced inefficiencies, expanded company coverage increased the number of published research notes

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The company

With thousands of financial professionals globally, this firm is a leading sell-side bank with a technology-driven approach. They provide in-depth research and analysis across all sectors and industries to help buy-side firms come to smarter investment decisions. This equity team is one of the most well-respected equity research providers in the world.

The challenge

Equity research analysts need to constantly stay on top of trends and developments that may impact the industries and companies they cover. During earnings season, this can often translate into an information deluge and endless hours of manually sifting and synthesizing nuanced, fragmented information to update models and produce recommendations and reports.

This research would’ve taken me 4 to 5 days without AlphaSense, but instead I had the info I needed in one afternoon.”

Equity research analyst


  • The research teams determined AlphaSense represented significant improvements in both speed and accuracy for their research efforts, describing it as a tool that “Everyone in research should have…” and “…an extremely useful product.”
  • One research analyst noted, “With AlphaSense, there were multiple instances where I found information I would have missed…”
  • In general, the research analysts remarked how AlphaSense enabled them to save time. One remarked, “I was most impressed with the search power & speed. Very fast load times, proximity filtering kept results very relevant. Also loved the amount of content…” 

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