NXP Semiconductors Cuts Search Time in Half with AlphaSense

The Company

In an ever-evolving digital world, NXP Semiconductors is at the forefront of innovation in everyday technology, including semiconductors used in medical equipment, electrification of automobiles, contactless payments, and much more. This Europe-based technology leader relies on state-of-the-art market intelligence to understand market trends so they can better enable tech to enhance people’s daily lives.

The Challenge

Monica Garcia San Millan manages automotive market intelligence for NXP. She says finding the right industry research from primary and secondary sources, as well as useful documents like press releases and information about patents for certain technologies, is difficult and time-consuming to find. “It’s important for me to stay up to date about current market trends and to know what the industry says about future developments, like electronic content of cars, future ways of mobility, and more,” says Monica. In 2021, after frustrating experiences with other platforms, she found AlphaSense.

The Solution

AlphaSense’s broad range of easily searchable market and competitive intelligence brought a breath of fresh air to Monica’s search experience. For her, search capabilities through other platforms were no match for AlphaSense.

“The AlphaSense search function was the greatest differentiator,” Monica says. “With other tools, I spent so much time searching and never found as much information as I did with AlphaSense…and the best part is, with AlphaSense, I found it in half the time.”

Monica gets keyword highlights and expanded thematic searches that deliver the most relevant results on a topic. AlphaSense features Smart Synonyms, a synonym recognition technology that allows Monica to find additional words and phrases related to her specific search quickly, ensuring she doesn’t miss critical data points.

“AlphaSense has greatly improved my mood, and it’s helped me save so much time,” says Monica. “This is the best tool I’ve ever used for surfacing market intelligence that’s critical to staying up-to-date on industry topics.”

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