Understanding how Generative AI is changing how teams conduct company research, gather market and competitive intelligence, and construct corporate strategies is critical as we head into 2024. To quickly get up to speed on how genAI technology is transforming market intelligence research, download our 2023 State of Generative AI & Market Intelligence Report. The report provides:

  • Projections on genAI usage in 2024 and beyond
  • The biggest perceived concerns of genAI usage
  • How to quantify the value of access to genAI tools for market intelligence research

Featuring the insights of 500+ respondents who conduct company and industry research across the globe, the State of Generative AI & Market Intelligence report is an essential asset to inform your team’s 2024 planning—and to keep you on the bleeding edge of industry trends in terms of AI adoption and whether your organization is an early adopter (or not).

Download our State of Generative AI & Market Intelligence Report now to read about the appetites, opinions, and habits of knowledge workers who are already under the thrall of AI.