Forrester Recognition Validates AlphaSense’s Leadership in Market and Competitive Intelligence

We are honored that Forrester has recognized AlphaSense in The Forrester Wave™: Market And Competitive Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2023 report. AlphaSense is by far the largest player in market and competitive intelligence, with a range of strengths including AI and search capabilities, vision, innovation, and coverage across proprietary, paywalled, and internal sources.

Some of AlphaSense’s key offerings include:

  • Proprietary intelligence – Users have access to premium public and private sources including equity research from over 1,300 firms, and an exclusive library of over 25,000 expert interview transcripts. Customers frequently give high marks for the breadth of information and proprietary sources available in AlphaSense.
  • Sophisticated AI engine – AlphaSense leverages in-house AI technology to help users mine the content universe, enable rapid search, and present insights directly to the user to aid discovery. Proprietary technology pinpoints users to the exact content and snippets of text that best match their search, as well as highlighting sentiment and surface trends at the sector, industry, and company levels.
  • By far the largest player – With over 4,000 enterprise customers (including the majority of the S&P 500), well over $100 million annual recurring revenue, and a multi-billion dollar valuation, AlphaSense stands out as a market leader in terms of its business maturity and broad market footprint.

Furthermore, our product roadmap and vision are incredibly strong. Some of these exciting roadmap enhancements that will soon be available to AlphaSense customers include:

  • The introduction of generative AI – AlphaSense recently launched  Smart Summaries powered by genAI. This exciting capability helps users get instant summaries of earnings calls and other reports and analysis, as well as complete overviews of a company (including outlook, strengths and weaknesses, and competitive landscape).
  • An end-to-end workflow with advanced note-taking – In Q3 2023, AlphaSense will release a big upgrade to its notebook capabilities, leveraging existing functionality in the Sentieo platform. Advancements will include full text editing capabilities, improved sharing of intelligence across teams, and ability to create different intelligence templates to speed up workflow.
  • Additional integration options – During 2023, additional integration options for customers include the ability to send insights to Salesforce and key communication tools like Slack and Teams, as well as the ability to leverage an ever growing API suite.

“We are proud to be recognized by Forrester among the pack of market and competitive intelligence solutions, and for our broad market footprint,” said Jack Kokko, AlphaSense CEO and Founder. “What excites me most is that this independent recognition reflects our leadership in search, AI, and content coverage, which are the most important capabilities that enable our customers to have relevant data and insights at their fingertips.”

At AlphaSense, our mission has always been to help the world’s leading companies and financial institutions make critical decisions with confidence and speed. Over the last year, we’ve made massive strides to continue building the leading market intelligence and search platform that leverages powerful AI technology to help our users find critical insights and data points from an extensive (and ever-expanding) content universe. We doubled down further in executing that mission with our acquisition of both Stream and Sentieo

If you are interested in learning how AlphaSense makes a difference to market and competitive intelligence teams, check out our video case study of Salesforce. Their adoption of our search technology, in combination with Wall Street Insights® and our expert call library, represents the gold standard of market and competitive intelligence processes.

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Tom Gardiner
Tom Gardiner

Tom is a product marketing director who works with the search, summarization, and monitoring product teams at AlphaSense. Tom has spent 10 years in B2B marketing, in all company sizes from global to early-stage startups.

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