9 Competitive Intelligence Tools to Trial in 2023 (Free & Paid)

To survive in today’s fast-moving and always-evolving market landscape, every business needs competitive intelligence (CI)—comprehensive knowledge about your competitors and how your company stacks up.

CI  allows you to track competitor behavior and glean the insights you need to create competitive advantages. It empowers you to capitalize on new opportunities, see emerging risks before they become threats, and make informed decisions at every turn.

There’s only one problem—the sheer amount of data that exists to be gathered and analyzed is astronomical. In order to have complete competitive intelligence, you must be able to source data from the thousands of places it exists online. It’s impossible to do this without the right technology to support the process. 

Enter: competitive intelligence tools.

Why You Need a Competitive Intelligence Tool

CI professionals have never had more data available right at their fingertips. Yet, it’s become increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and pinpoint the insights that truly matter.

In a business landscape that never stands still, organizations must have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening and changing in their market. Reactive CI strategies—even those informed by real-time data—aren’t enough to stay ahead of the competition.

Competitive intelligence tools streamline data curation and market landscape mapping steps so you can get straight to strategic analysis. They give you a complete picture of your competitive position and that of other top players in your sector, whether they are on your radar or not.

Certain CI tools are also equipped with AI-based capabilities, like sentiment analysis and generative AI, that allow you to not only stay aware of market and competitor events, but also understand how key stakeholder groups (i.e. investors, customers, and peers) feel about them and gain insight into what will likely happen next.

As a result, your organization can be the first to capitalize on new opportunities, spot emerging market trends, and gain a competitive edge that propels your market position upward.

What to Look for in a Competitive Intelligence Tool

To find the best competitive intelligence tool for your business, you need to know what to look for and what questions to ask during your research. 

The following questions should be top of mind:

  • What data sources feed into the platform?
  • Does it offer access to exclusive content and competitive insights?
  • What artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities does it provide, if any?
  • Is the platform customizable to your unique business needs?
  • Can it be integrated with existing systems?
  • Does it allow you to export data to Excel and other usable formats?
  • How are their customer reviews and market ratings?
  • Does the vendor offer quality customer service and tech support?

In this guide, we’ll explore these questions with regard to 10 of the top competitive intelligence tools on the market today. We’ll compare their key features, strengths and limitations, pricing, and the types of organizations best suited to use each.

By the end of this guide, you’ll know which CI tools fit best with your goals, business needs, and budget, and you’ll be equipped to make an informed and confident purchase decision.

9 Competitive Intelligence Tools to Support Your 2023 Business Goals


Best for: Conducting comprehensive competitive research and analysis with advanced AI features for added scope, speed, and accuracy—all in one platform

AlphaSense is a leading all-in-one market intelligence platform, designed for financial services firms, corporations, and consultancies. It’s the ideal tool for business professionals looking to implement a qualitative research strategy powered by automated features and proprietary AI search technology. 

AlphaSense is used by 85% of the S&P 100, 97% of the Dow 30, and 80% of the world’s top consultancies. In 2023, AlphaSense was named to the Forbes AI 50, which recognizes the top AI-based companies globally, and it is consistently ranked as an industry leader by TrustRadius and G2.

trust radius g2 scores

AlphaSense is built on an extensive content universe that includes:

  • 10,000 private and public data sources
  • Regulatory filings and disclosures from 68,000 companies
  • Reports from 1,500 top research providers
  • Top-tier newspapers, journals, and other media sources
  • Insights from 1.4 million private companies
  • Regulatory updates from global health and energy organizations
  • 30,000 proprietary expert interview transcripts

Moreover, AlphaSense provides access to broker research and an expert call library that facilitate deeper insight into companies and markets. These extra resources are accessible through two AlphaSense content sets:

  • Stream expert transcript library – 30,000+ transcripts of one-on-one calls with industry experts, customers, professionals, competitors, and former and current executives, available as an add-on to the AlphaSense package
  • Wall Street Insights® – A leading collection of broker research covering global sector themes, industries, and companies from 1,000+ sell-side and independent firms, available within the AlphaSense platform

AlphaSense uses smart search capabilities to ensure platform users find everything they need for their research, offering unique features like:

Automated Monitoring & Company Insights


AlphaSense makes it easy to monitor individual companies, as well as stay on top of entire industries or macro themes.

With Search Analytics and Company Tearsheets, you get instant updates about the companies on your radar, giving you an in-depth reach across document types, industries, and regions. 

For macro topics or industry updates, AlphaSense’s automated and customizable real-time alerts help you personalize your benchmarking process and ensure you are the first to know of anything with the potential to impact your strategy.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis, an NLP-based tool, analyzes the tone and subjective meaning behind what an executive leader, news source, or customer is saying. It also analyzes any sentiment shifts over time using a numerical sentiment change score. Utilizing this tool can help uncover subtle inflection points in language that signal to market movements and provide early indicators of shifting corporate performance. 

Semantic Search

Smart synonyms product

Another key feature is Smart Synonyms™—a capability that understands the  intent behind your search engine queries and ensures your search results reflect all relevant synonyms of your initial query. Using advanced algorithms, AlphaSense automatically eliminates results with matching keywords that are irrelevant to your search, cutting down noise in your research and decreasing information overload.

User-Friendly UI & Collaboration 

Known for its intuitive, user-friendly interface, AlphaSense’s market intelligence platform was designed and built to be easily integrated into an organization’s existing systems processes. Simple search functionality, data export options (like Excel or OneNote), and collaborative features make AlphaSense a tool that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing workflows.



  • Visualization tools limited to financial data 
  • Limited collaborative features for knowledge management

How Much Does AlphaSense Cost?

There is no publicly available cost information available for the AlphaSense platform. To find out if it fits with your budget, you’ll need to contact the AlphaSense team.

AlphaSense subscription prices vary for small- and medium-sized companies and are customized based on the organization (i.e. enterprise vs. company-level packages) and by package (you can choose to only purchase the Stream expert transcript library access, or get the total AlphaSense content universe). AlphaSense also offers an extensive library of market research and expert insights on their website for free, like The Innovator’s Guide to Competitive Intelligence and How to Leverage AI for Competitive Intelligence.


Best for: Sales enablement and tracking unlimited competitors

Klue is a market and competitive research platform built to automate, streamline, and make it easier to distribute intelligence insights across an organization. Klue enables product marketers and other users to plan, collect, analyze and distribute competitive intelligence information across organizational departments.

Klue features an automated web crawler that keeps users updated on competitors’ product offerings, launches, pricing changes, and marketing strategies. Using AI, Klue verifies and curates insights from its research and provides intelligence into your competitor’s operations. However, Klue’s AI suffers from potential noise in research and does not deliver real-time insights. It also tends to miss some priority insights entirely.

Klue draws data from the web, social media, product launches, press mentions and releases, and reviews. It also allows users to add research insights about their own company and competitors. However, Klue is, at its core, a web listening tool and only provides access to public data. It does not offer access to valuable content sets like global and SEC filings, broker research, and expert call transcripts—all of which are integral for holistic market research.

Klue can perform multiple competitive analysis tasks, including: 

  • Collecting competitor intelligence from multiple public sources 
  • Analyzing and delivering market research insights from their online platform using AI 
  • Using customizable dashboards to help you curate competitor insights, data cards, battlecards, landing pages, and tags
  • Sharing critical files and information across your organization using internal tools
  • Measuring the impact of competitive intelligence on your business.


  • In-depth competitor tracking features
  • Intuitive battlecard designs
  • Supports data visualization and collaboration
  • User-friendly and scalable platform
  • Integrates with Slack, Salesforce, other CRMs, and professional software
  • Offers high security for your company data
  • Has a community forum


  • Limited data sources—only public data
  • No SEC filings, earnings estimates, or financial reports
  • No on-premise data storage function 
  • No broker research available
  • No advanced search capabilities or sentiment analysis
  • Steeper learning curve than other tools
  • No expert call transcripts available
  • AI lacks robust capabilities; no generative AI capabilities

How Much Does Klue Cost?

Klue doesn’t have its pricing packages publicly listed, but some online sources share that it costs about $1000/user per year. Contact Klue for the most accurate price quote.


Best for: Tracking small number of competitors and revenue enablement

klue alternatives

Crayon is a leading competitive intelligence platform focused on helping companies uncover revenue opportunities and identify new growth areas. It’s designed for mid-market and enterprise teams looking to understand and create sustainable advantages in their respective markets.

Crayon is one of the most-recognized competitive intelligence tools available today—an 11X G2 Grid leader and 3X PMA Pulse leader.

Crayon collects content on a variety of companies from both online and offline sources and stores them in one place, easily accessible to users conducting competitive research. It uses advanced AI and machine learning (ML) functionality, flagging critical information and displaying actionable insights from millions of sources, saving precious time on research and analysis.

Many industries—including retail, technology, finance, pharmaceutical, and software—use Crayon’s platform to keep up with market trends, drive better sales, and reduce customer churn. However, Crayon may not work for companies who have a large amount of competitors to track, or who need to frequently modify the competitors they are monitoring. It still uses human analysts to process data, so scalability is a challenge. 


  • Uses cutting-edge AI and ML capabilities to source useful data on competitors
  • Integrates with multiple business software, including Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Automated and real-time alerts
  • Can tag relevant items with more personalized competitor insights
  • Collects info from both online and offline sources.
  • Offers in-depth analytics and metrics 
  • Custom reports and battlecards
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use platform


  • Cost prohibitive for some organizations
  • Scalability is a challenge due to reliance on human analysts
  • Does not have an expert call library
  • Does not offer SEC filings, earnings estimates, financial reports, and modeling
  • Less scalable and modifiable than similar tools
  • Lacks industry-specific reports or thought leadership
  • Does not host content on its platform; it only provides links to URLs
  • Lacks advanced search capabilities, such as keyword and synonym recognition, thematic search, proximity search, and sentiment analysis
  • Utilizes human analysts which leads to slower workflow and research process
  • No way to track peers’ R&D trends via the platform

How Much Does Crayon Cost?

Crayon doesn’t have pricing plans available on their website, but customer reviews mention that the platform is expensive, and their entry in HubSpot Marketplace shows packages starting at $15,000 per year.


Best for: Competitive intelligence across multiple functions, including supplier, risk, media, and opportunity intelligence

contify klue alternatives

Contify is a competitive and market intelligence platform serving customers primarily in the BFSI, pharmaceutical, IT, and consulting industries. Its platform is built on strong AI search and analysis capabilities, and it pulls data from 500,000+ sources including company websites, press releases, social media, regulators, job portals, and news media.

Contify comes with a variety of features that include: news tracking, market intelligence, competitor tracking, and customer insights. Users can collaborate and share knowledge using the news API, which enables teams and co-workers to collaborate more effectively and make better data-driven decisions.

Contify serves businesses of all sizes and across various industries, including finance, healthcare, technology, and consumer goods. It can track multiple companies at once, making it particularly useful for companies looking to expand their market presence, launch new products, or stay ahead of the competition. 

Key areas of search focus by Contify users include patents, innovation, regulatory, M&A deals, supplier, and risk. Contify’s customers operate in highly-technical and highly-regulated sectors, meaning the accuracy, relevance, and reliability of data insights is paramount.


  • Real-time updates and customizable alerts on industry developments, competitor activities, and customer behavior
  • Uses AI and NLP to collect and analyze data from various sources
  • Provides a centralized platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Offers a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use features
  • Offers intelligence on multiple functions, including regulations, innovations, M&A, Industry themes and patents 
  • Features smart translation feature for over 100+ languages


  • Pricing ranges from $1000 to $10,000/month, making it a potentially cost-restrictive option
  • Some users have reported issues with data accuracy and customization options
  • Lacks access to broker research
  • Lacks AI search technology and features like sentiment analysis
  • Lacks expert call transcripts

How much does Contify cost?

Contify’s exact pricing information is not available online. You can contact their team directly for more information about subscription packages and cost.


Best for: Search engine marketing, competitor keyword research, content marketing, and SEO

semrush klue alternatives

Semrush is a SaaS and content marketing tool enabling users to grow their online traffic organically using keyword research, analysis, and SEO techniques. It can help improve your rankings using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media management, content marketing, and ecommerce competitor analysis.

On the platform, users can perform organic research on competitors to understand keywords they rank for and highlight competitive gaps. Users can also benchmark web traffic against competitors to see where they stand in relation to online lead-gen and website performance.

Digital marketers, SEO professionals, content creators, small businesses, and website owners often rely on Semrush to grow and improve their online presence. However, competitive intelligence research professionals will likely find the platform lacking, as Semrush does not offer access to exclusive content sets that are necessary for gaining a complete market picture.


  • Highly actionable insights for pursuing competitive gaps
  • Provides a wide range of digital marketing tools and services
  • Offers detailed insights into competitors’ online marketing activities
  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-use features
  • Provides in-depth analysis of website traffic and rankings
  • Offers customized reports and recommendations for optimization
  • Massive analysis reach—24B keywords and 808M domain profiles


  • May be overwhelming for beginners due to the wide range of features
  • Some features are only available on higher-tier plans
  • Keyword data accuracy may vary
  • No real-time data access
  • Only sources data from search engines
  • No expert calls available
  • No broker research available
  • No AI search or sentiment analysis

How much does Semrush cost?

SEMRush offers three pricing plans:

  • Pro — $129/month — for individuals and small teams
  • Guru — $249/month — for agencies and mid-size businesses
  • Business — $499/month — for large agencies and enterprises


Best for: Enabling go-to market teams with the insights they need to beat the competition


Kompyte is a subsidiary of SEMRush and provides a more generalized approach to competitive intelligence. The platform aims to offer real-time competitive intelligence at scale, automatically tracking competitor updates across hundreds of sources that include websites, social media, published content, ads, review sites, and job portals.

Kompyte can track multiple competitors at once, which enables businesses to benchmark their performance with multiple peers and identify areas for improvement. It can also generate unlimited battlecards to help users make better sales and marketing strategies for their businesses 

Its intuitive user dashboard displays real-time updates about competitors’ activities from over 500 million data sources, including new product releases, go-to-market strategies, and website content updates. 

This platform is ideal for businesses looking to stay competitive in their respective industries. It can be especially useful for marketing teams, sales teams, and executives who want to monitor their competitors’ activities and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Like many other tools on our list, Kompyte is powered by AI search and analysis technology that filters out noise and delivers the insights most relevant to each client. 


  • Highly visual, user-friendly interface
  • Compelling dashboard views
  • Automatically updated battlecards and win/loss reports
  • Features to aid sales training and onboarding
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts about competitors’ activities


  • Limited to publicly available data sources
  • Limited integrations with third-party tools
  • Some users have reported issues with data accuracy
  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Lacks broker research
  • Lacks expert call transcripts

How much does Kompyte cost?

Kompyte offers three pricing categories:

  • Essentials — 10 companies tracked, 25 user licenses, unlimited company profiles
  • Professional — 20 companies tracked, 100 user licenses, unlimited battlecards and reports, unlimited company profiles, unlimited companies database
  • Unlimited — unlimited companies tracked, user licenses, battlecards and reports, companies database, and company profiles. SSO capability and advanced user permission management.

Contact Kompyte for pricing information for each package.


Best for: Collecting and analyzing customer feedback

Talkwalker is focused on the voice of the customer—an ever-growing priority for businesses as customer expectations around personalization and the brand experience get higher. It’s a consumer insights platform that collects data on what customers are saying about a brand and its competitors.

Important features of the platform include social listening, audience insights, media monitoring, social benchmarking, and customer feedback analytics. Talkwalker drives your competitive strategy by showing you how your target audiences feel about your brand vs. your competitors, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and helping you uncover opportunities and areas for improvement.

However, like some other platforms on the list, Talkwalker is largely a web listening tool, which means it is not built for full-scale business or financial research. Without premium content sets—including company documents, broker research, and expert calls—users will not be able to get all the insights they need to launch a complete research strategy.


  • Extensive database—includes 30+ social networks, 150M websites, and 100 customer feedback sources
  • Talkwalker BlueSilk™ GPT tool and sentiment analysis capabilities
  • Insight straight from customers and market audiences
  • Helpful competitor analysis visuals like ranked lists, grids, and charts
  • Automated notifications and real-time alerts
  • Dashboard views for quick and comprehensive insight


  • Singular focus area on consumer insights and feedback (does not offer complete competitive analysis)
  • Not all platform products are available with every package
  • Full pricing not available online
  • Content sets are limited to publicly available sources and customer feedback; lacks company documents, broker research, and expert calls

How Much Does Talkwalker Cost?

Talkwalker offers four pricing packages:

  • Starter — Essential social listening capabilities
  • Business — Enhanced social listening with logo, video, and image recognition
  • Premium — More than just social listening – deeper consumer intelligence
  • Strategic — All the magic of Talkwalker’s consumer intelligence platform

Contact Talkwalker for complete pricing information for each package.


Best for: Competitive intelligence in the retail sector; digital marketing

competitive intelligence tools similarweb

SimilarWeb is a comprehensive competitive intelligence platform with a wide range of tools and capabilities including competitive analysis, benchmarking, keyword research, consumer intelligence, and more. Its use on the market is also wide-ranging, with a customer list that includes the likes of Google, Walmart, The Economist, and Adidas.

SimilarWeb is largely retail-focused, with many features centering around shopper insights, ecommerce, and sales. It lacks coverage, however, for most industry-specific research outside of retail. 

It also has value for digital marketers who need to analyze and segment their audience, so as to generate better and more personalized content. However, Similarweb lacks the comprehensive data coverage and smart search capabilities that would make it a useful tool for full-scale market intelligence.


  • Digital performance benchmarking based on a core set of KPIs
  • Competitive analysis tool that analyzes digital performance, SEO, ad campaigns, web traffic sources and more
  • A large set of free tools for users to try out before buying the product
  • Visual dashboards for compelling data stories and insights


  • Simply a web listening tool; lacks data coverage and content sets that are needed for in-depth competitive research and analysis
  • Wide range of products and features can be overwhelming; steep learning curve for beginners
  • Traffic information can only be set to full months, with no possibility to set a range of specific dates
  • Traffic information is limited to desktop traffic only; mobile and tablet users cannot be counted

How Much Does Similarweb Cost?

Similarweb’s pricing isn’t available online, although their website mentions the availability of customized price quotes. Contact Similarweb for more specific pricing information.


Best for: Enhancing online presence and SEO; comparing digital performance to competitors’

Spyfu is similar to SEMRush in that it offers competitive intelligence capabilities with a focus on SEO, content, and digital marketing to identify competitive advantage opportunities. The Spyfu platform includes features like website tracking, competitor keyword research, PPC ad analysis, and a backlink tracker.

The insights delivered by Spyfu are powerful for building a competitively-mindful marketing strategy and raising your online visibility ahead of others in your market.

It’s great for small businesses or others looking for an affordable tool to help them incorporate more competitive intelligence into their marketing tactics.


  • Dedicated tools for competitive backlink, keyword, and PPC analysis
  • High volume of data sources—109 domains analyzed
  • Built-in features to capitalize on growth, like social outreach for backlinks
  • Identification of competitive content gaps to drive future strategy
  • Affordable and flexible pricing packages


  • More of an SEO platform with some CI features
  • No premium content sets that are necessary for full-scale market research
  • No advanced AI search features

How Much Does Spyfu Cost?

Spyfu offers three straightforward pricing plans:

  • Basic — $16/month billed annually, $39/month billed monthly
  • Professional — $36/month billed annually, $39/month billed monthly
  • Team — $149/month billed annually, $299/month billed monthly

How to Select the Right Tool for You

No two competitive intelligence tools are exactly the same—their features, capabilities, price points, and areas of focus vary widely and serve different needs. As you research potential tools and move toward a purchase decision, ask these key questions:

  • What are your goals? — Identify why you need a competitive intelligence tool and what you want to accomplish. 
  • What is your budget? — Nail down this practical step so you can immediately limit your search to tools that fit your price range.
  • What capabilities do you care about most? — Learn about the features offered by CI tools and list the ones you need most. Prioritize tools that offer them.
  • Which systems does it need to integrate with? — Ensure the tool you choose can integrate with existing tools and systems in your workflow.
  • What are my peers using? — Getting recommendations from non-competitive peers can be a great way to find quality providers you can trust.

Once you have a short list, take time to schedule demos, do a free trial if you can, and talk to sales reps to get a firsthand sense of how the tool can help you succeed.

Pro tip: Pay attention to each provider’s onboarding and customer success strategies. You want to work with a company that will provide ongoing support to help you accelerate time to value and continually maximize ROI.

Try AlphaSense for Free

AlphaSense offers the most comprehensive platform available for enterprise professionals who want to uplevel their competitive intelligence strategy. From an unmatched content library and proprietary AI search technology to customizable alerts and an intuitive user interface, AlphaSense is the all-in-one competitive intelligence platform best equipped to help leading companies succeed.

Explore firsthand how AlphaSense can help you transform your CI capabilities. Start your free trial today.

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