Nicole Sheynin


Nicole Sheynin

Fueled by empathy-driven storytelling and good coffee, Nicole is a content marketing specialist at AlphaSense. Previously, she has managed her own website/blog and has written guest posts for various other publications.

consulting deeper market research artificial intelligence
Trends13 min read

Consulting Industry Trends and Outlook for 2024

As we move into 2024, businesses across every sector are navigating complex market landscapes that are changing more rapidly than...
AS Blog MAtrend 2023
Trends15+ min read

M&A Trends and Outlook for 2024

After three volatile years, rife with challenging macroeconomic conditions—from a global pandemic and wars to far-reaching supply chain issues—the M&A...
consumer and retail companies economic uncertainty
Trends15+ min read

How Consumer and Retail Companies Can Better Navigate Economic Uncerta...

While inflationary and supply chain pressures have eased considerably in the past year, most industries and global regions are still...
medtech market research
Trends15+ min read

Top Medical Device Trends & Outlook for 2024

The medical device industry is a booming, fast-growing sub-sector of the medtech industry. Medtech incorporates all kinds of technologies—both physical...
conduct deeper market analysis
Product15+ min read

How to Conduct Deeper Market Analysis

In today’s world of limitless data at our fingertips, getting access to information is rarely a challenge for modern professionals....
medtech trends 2024
Trends14 min read

Top Medtech Trends & Outlook For 2024

Medtech lies at the intersection of two of the most fast-changing and innovative industries—healthcare and technology. Forward-thinking technological advancements such...
ai in asset management
Trends10 min read

The Evolution of AI in Asset Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) in asset management has steadily grown over the past several years as even formerly slow adopters are...
market research tools
Product15+ min read

10 Market Research Tools to Trial in 2023 (Free and Paid)

In the age of information, the biggest hurdle is no longer lack of access to information. If anything, the modern...
hedge fund industry trends
Trends15+ min read

Top Hedge Fund Industry Trends in 2023

In the past few years, market volatility—driven by the pandemic, geopolitical tensions, and various supply chain issues—has had a profound...