Innovation Endeavors unlocks the value of internal content

The company

Innovation Endeavors is an early-stage venture capital firm known for partnering with startups that apply cutting edge technology to transform large industries. The firm provides a dedicated global team and builds industry networks to create value for its portfolio companies. Avi Bharadwaj is a Principal at Innovation Endeavors. 

The challenge

Bharadwaj spends his day-to-day:

    • Helping his portfolio companies with diligence around strategy, fundraising, and operational initiatives like executive compensation
    • Identifying industry benchmarks to inform company valuations
    • Evaluating industry trends to inform investment decisions
    • Completing ad hoc requests from the team and portfolio companies

Before AlphaSense, Avi spent a bulk of his time doing high-level Google searches, toggling between various data providers, and raking through multiple internal drives to gather research. 

“With AlphaSense, I can do 2-3x the amount of work in the same amount of time that I could do before.”

Avi Bharadjwaj


With a focus on productivity, Avi and his team now use AlphaSense to:

    • Streamline their research process with AlphaSense serving as their single portal for insights, both internal and external
    • Leverage firm intellect by ensuring they aren’t missing critical data points from research the team has previously completed
    • Move faster to the finish line for time-sensitive requests like Board meetings and investment due diligence
    • Access equity research to better inform valuations and investment decisions

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