How a Lean Market Intelligence Team Contextualizes Data for C-Suite

The company

This Swiss multinational manufacturing company in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and nutrition sectors has a lean Competitive Intelligence team. As a trusted partner to internal teams, the CI team conducts swift and thorough research into the competitive landscape, juggling both ongoing monitoring initiatives and ad hoc requests from the C-suite.

The challenge

One particular challenge the team faces is contextualizing data points that the CEO and other executives produce and want to understand. 

“Everyone comes up with different data sets, different numbers,” says the Competitive Intelligence team’s leader. “This is the biggest challenge. Executives get different numbers and challenge you with the numbers, so it’s necessary to manage and educate them about the data, and to understand the sources of the data—which are not always clear.”

The team turned to AlphaSense for help adding clarity and contextualization to the data, both to answer one-off questions from executives, as well as monitoring peers and emerging market players.

“Research takes fewer clicks in AlphaSense. I need less time to look up certain topics and see what’s been written in the past,” the Competitive Intelligence Director says. “It has a lot of information, and with it you get a little bit smarter.”


With AlphaSense, they are able to scour trusted sources, including a range of Wall Street analyst research, in order to better compare data points. The team finds value in seeing the broker research alongside company documents, like earnings transcripts and company presentations. These multiple perspectives enable the CI team to create a clearer picture of the company’s strategy.  

Critically, AlphaSense also reduces research time while supplementing the team’s view of the landscape.

“With AlphaSense, the team easily juggles the work of monitoring a shifting market landscape, responding to time-sensitive executive queries and finding higher quality insights than would have been possible before.”

“AlphaSense clarifies our view on topics that are difficult to understand and company strategies that would otherwise be opaque to us,” he says. “It’s a secret weapon.”

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