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AlphaSense Named to the 2024 CNBC Disruptor 50 List!

AlphaSense is proud to be named to the see post

Chinese money with increasing data line.
Trends15+ min read

Executive commentary shows signs of recovery in China

As the first country affected by Coronavirus, the world has placed its attention on China as a leading indicator of...
Coronavirus typed in search engine.
Trends8 min read

COVID-19 Communications: Keywords & Trends Companies are Monitoring

We’ve compiled a list of search terms and keywords that have seen significant growth over the past 90 days. Take...
Blank billboards with blue city background.
Trends11 min read

Coronavirus Impacts Advertising Spend Across Industries

As stores and operations shut, we’re picking up on sharp pullbacks in advertising, nearly across the board, as management teams...
COVID-19 Updates.
Trends15+ min read

Guidance Updates and Withdrawals Sharply Increase as Pandemic Spreads

As COVID-19 spread rapidly affecting countries across the globe, company commentary on the virus’ widespread impact showed a drastic increase....
Quotes in red and green with a blue data background .
Product7 min read

Measuring Market Sentiment in a Time of Uncertainty

As the Dow Jones plummets to its worst month in history as a result of the Coronavirus-led shutdown, some industries...
Rising data chart with blue background.
Trends2 min read

Insider Buying Explodes as Market Sells Off

Despite the steep market decline brought about by the rapid spread of COVID-19, the number of executives buying their own...
Person typing on computer.
Product4 min read

What’s The Best Way To Consume Broker Research?

The process of reviewing broker research is broken.
House and Building icons.
Trends15+ min read

Real Estate Stays Afloat Amid Coronavirus Delays & Closures

On January 29th CapitalLand (CLLDY), one of Asia’s largest real estate firms, announced their precautionary measures and business continuity plans...
Trends7 min read

The 3 C's of Sustainability And Supply Chain

Supply chain management is a key factor for many companies — growing in sophistication and scrutiny. I recently used AlphaSense to look...

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