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Let’s face it–work, along with the rest of life–has gone mobile.

Long gone are the days when turning off your computer and shutting the door to your office marked the end of the workday. For better or worse, our phones have become lifelines in the modern workplace. From calendar notifications to Zoom calls to Slack messages, the list goes on and on.

There’s even a high likelihood you’re reading this from your phone right now.

Integrating mobile into your workflow doesn’t just make it feel like work is more seamless–it actually improves productivity: 75% of people say their smartphones help them be more productive.

For the mobile product team here at AlphaSense, our focus is on building a solution to make your research easier and more efficient, no matter what your specific job role is or how you work best. As such, we’re acutely interested in how mobile can actually make for better work when it comes to the kind of day-to-day research done by our customers.

Let’s dive into three ways you can leverage the AlphaSense app to actually make your research process easier:

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1. Take Advantage of Micro-Productivity

Waiting in line for your morning coffee? Commuting on the train?

Mobile-optimized functionality allows you to take advantage of these micro-opportunities to get actual, productive work done, even if it’s just for a few minutes. On the AlphaSense app, that can mean searching for and bookmarking relevant documents to read when you get to the office, annotating sections of a document and sharing out with your team, or catching up on investor calls during a jam-packed earnings season.

The great thing about micro-productivity is not only that it creates more usable free time in your schedule, but that, in a neurodiverse world, it allows each person to create a workflow that caters to their unique strengths.

2. Act on New Insights Quickly

In a perfect world, we’d be ahead of the curve, the trends, and the word on the street. To no one’s surprise, this is a highly imperfect world.

There are always going to be levels of both proactivity and reactivity in the type of research most of us perform. And while proactive action can largely be taken within the four walls of your office, events that require a reactive approach can occur at any time.

The AlphaSense app caters to moments that necessitate quick and decisive action by offering features like:

  • Push notification and email-based alerts that allow you to react in real-time when important pieces of content are published, even if it’s during your morning commute
  • Mobile-optimized keyword navigation and sharing that allows you to quickly isolate mission-critical information and circulate it with the appropriate colleagues
  • Access to all content, including broker reports from our WSI collection and expert call transcripts from our Stream library, at any time

3. Nurture Ideas That Strike Beyond Your 9-5

With the increasing fluidity of work throughout the pandemic, it’s inevitable that our brains have adapted to treat our work/life balance differently. It’s never been more common for professionals to do work from the couch, a coffee shop, or even while waiting in the car.

The best ideas don’t always come at will when we’re sitting at our desktop. Being able to take advantage of those moments of inspiration, without completely interrupting off-work hours, is key. This could look like executing a search and adding relevant keyword hits to your notebook to reference as a jumping-off point for a deeper dive the next day, or even searching for relevant documents and bookmarking them to read on your commute the next morning.

Whether you’ve fully embraced mobile as an integral part of your workflow or you’re a reluctant adopter, there are ways that the AlphaSense mobile app can reduce friction and add value to the way that you work. In the end, just like the increasingly popular concept of “fluid work”, mobile is a tool to make work fit better within your life.

If you’re an AlphaSense user, you can start leveraging mobile research today by downloading our iOS app. Not yet a user? Request a trial of AlphaSense.

KC Pietro
KC Pietro
Senior Product Marketing Manager

KC Pietro is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for Search & AI products at AlphaSense. Before AlphaSense, she oversaw product marketing efforts at an early-stage Fintech startup.

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