AlphaSense vs. Bloomberg: Key Differences

Bloomberg Terminal is a powerful quantitative research tool that excels at providing real-time financial data and news, as well as insights and trading tools. For many in the financial services space, Bloomberg’s screening and visualization tools are useful and necessary, and these offerings are unmatched by other platforms. 

Yet analysts often find that by just using Bloomberg, they are missing out on key insights from broker research and expert interviews, since Bloomberg is limited in these domains. Many also find Bloomberg’s limited search functionality frustrating, since it often leads to missed insights or too much time spent on manually inputting key terms. 

For that reason, it is common for financial service professionals to incorporate both Bloomberg and AlphaSense into their workflow. That way, they have the proprietary news, screening tools, and visualization capacity of Bloomberg Terminal, coupled with the premium content libraries (for both broker research and expert call transcripts) and powerful AI-based search functionality of AlphaSense.

Corporate personas may get some use from Bloomberg’s quantitative research and tools, but because their research needs tend to lean more qualitative, they likely do not require all the functions they would be paying for. 

Since Bloomberg’s pricing is highly bundled, it makes the most sense for professionals who utilize the full functionality. Also, because Bloomberg’s interface and functions have always been geared more toward financial analysts, corporate personas may find the dashboard too complex and likely face a much steeper learning curve.  

For corporate professionals, AlphaSense is the better choice. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive from the get, the content library is robust and contains premium offerings not available on any other research platform, and the AI search technology makes market research and analysis faster and more comprehensive. 

AlphaSense is accessible via web browser and mobile app, and product specialists and chat support offer live customer service 24/7.

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