How IR at a midstream energy investor navigates earnings

The company

This publicly traded master limited partnership develops, acquires, owns or controls, and operates fee-based assets and operations within the energy midstream sector. This top-performing midstream company is known in the Oil & Gas industry for its customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship. The Director of Investor Relations, works with the Investor Relations team to prepare press releases, management scripts, and all other materials that are required for earnings conference calls.

The challenge

For the firm, earnings season preparation alone is a three-week process. During this period, the team must research competitors extensively to inform their press releases. This includes analyzing peer distribution growth strategies, digging into competitor announcements, and evaluating the general reception of peer earnings releases. Given the fast-paced nature of earnings season, the Director of Investor Relations was seeking a tool to gather all the necessary research and optimize the process of acquiring insights during earnings season.

“From a research standpoint, particularly other companies’ investor presentations, it’s awesome to not have to go to every company’s website to find the information I need. It’s all aggregated into one place.”

Director of Investor Relations


Gather disparate data sources: By being able to a variety of disparate data sources—such as earnings transcripts, sell-side research, and peer coverage—in one platform, the Director of Investor Relations saves multiple hours per month during earnings season. With AlphaSense, instead of digging through individual company websites for earnings transcripts, the team is able to execute a simple search in one place.

Sentiment analysis and peer monitoring: Traditionally, the team had piecemeal access to information, resorting to IR decks and news articles to gauge performance. Leveraging sentiment analysis within AlphaSense, the Director is instantly able to view change in sentiment over time, as well as compare the firm’s Sentiment to that of its peers. As a result, the Director, her SVP, and the team can stay ahead of the curve. The team also supports external IR functions, maintains investor decks, and manages all communications from the team. In order to build investor decks, this IR team uses AlphaSense to determine the leaders in a specific space and understand how they compare in results. By benchmarking the company’s shared metrics against the metrics shared by its peers, she can determine which new information the firm should be presenting to investors.

Smart search and high-accuracy filtering: With all relevant data sources aggregated in one place, the team uses a quick keyword search and filtering to get exactly what she needs. Liberated from searching across multiple mediums and manually scanning thousands of documents, this firm’s IR team is able to work faster and with more confidence knowing that no critical data points have been missed.

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