The 6 Market Intelligence Themes Driving H2 2023

Market volatility, economic uncertainty, downturn—whatever you’d like to call it, the next few QoQs are undoubtedly uncertain in the eyes of C-Suite executives. Today, opportunities are short lived for business professionals, emphasizing the importance of making decisions quickly. Stumbling on key insights a day too late in today’s landscape means losing out on big wins. 

Swiftly pinpointing trends and analyzing them, then, becomes a crucial component of effective market intelligence (MI)—from strategy and business development, to IR, all the way to consulting. However, on all levels, traditional MI is filled with friction and inefficiency, typically conducted in highly reactive ways. 

Ultimately, companies need a way to stay smarter, more agile, and continuously informed about their industries and the business world at large. With the power of our award-winning research platform, we easily combed through thousands of corporate call transcripts, interviews from our expert call library, research documents, and more (all located within our vast content universe) to identify the top 6 key market intelligence themes to keep an eye on for the second half of 2023.

Whether you need to make the right investment decisions and win more deals, or you want to power more confident strategy-building with market-moving insights, understanding these themes is critical to staying ahead. Ahead of the AlphaSense Advantage 2023 Summit, we learned firsthand how professionals spanning across the financial services and corporate markets are navigating some of their industry’s biggest challenges.

Generative AI (GenAI)

There’s no underplaying the widespread adoption of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), which has seemingly integrated into nearly every industry ranging from healthcare to banking, retail, and even manufacturing. GenAI’s takeover across sectors is due in part to its applications, which now span core functions in marketing and sales, product development, engineering, supply chain, and operations, and support departments like IT, legal, talent acquisition and HR, strategy, and finance. 

“No previous technology wave has captured the intention of leaders and the general public as fast as GenAI. We are now embarking on the age of AI, and companies will need to reinvent how they operate with AI at the core.”

– Julie T. Spellman Sweet, CEO & Chairman, Accenture Co., June 2023 | Earnings Call

Ultimately, the genAI takeover doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. With the speed and scale of this innovation, it’s difficult to understand how best to incorporate and leverage AI in your research.

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Expert Insights

Last year alone, the expert network industry surpassed $2.1 billion in revenue—a figure generated by more than 120 expert networks. Since 2015, the industry has seen an 18% average growth rate, even during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, with year-on-year growth surpassing 25% in 2021, only to slow down to 4% in 2022 as M&A activity fell.

As we continue to navigate one of the most volatile economic climates defined by geopolitical and macroeconomic events, this type of business which connects companies with expert resources or subject-matter experts to provide valuable and current information, will certainly thrive in coming QoQs. 

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Since the days of astronomically high oil prices last year, national inflation has shown signs of slowly decreasing. While the CPI and PPI numbers from June can be seen as cause for excitement, there’s still reason to tame expectations. Economists are unsure if this trend of disinflation is immaculate or transitory. Regardless, C-level personnel forecast more impressive fiscal performances in upcoming QoQs.

“And the upcoming months and quarters will see an increase in what will support the outlook, especially regarding consumer spending, is the drop in inflation which is driven by both lower inflation expectations as well as external factors, such as lower oil and gas prices, lower commodity prices and the base effect. So I think in the upcoming months, we’ll see disinflation.”

– Przemyslaw Gdanski, President of Management Board & CEO, BNP Paribas Bank Polsk, May 2023 | Earnings Call

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Personalized Digital Health

The effectiveness of telehealth and personalized digital health became evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. This technology targets patients at the individual level, helping doctors identify which diseases individuals are prone to, diagnose diseases early, and minimize the effects of disease. 

Personalized digital health is also saving more than just lives. Research has shown that its implementation has helped reduce costs in the healthcare system within the United States—and consequently, contributed to reducing the $700 billion spent annually on healthcare efforts that do not improve outcomes.

The bottom line is that the future of health will be driven by personalized, digital insights. Join our engaging session “The Future of Healthcare: Patient Data, Connected Experiences, and Generative AI” at the AlphaSense Advantage Summit to discover the future healthcare experience: patients and providers connecting through genAI, and new implications for health equity. 

Energy Transition

The global energy crisis, as well as oil and gas cutbacks from Ukraine and OPEC+, have led nations to reprioritize their efforts in decarbonizing energy resources and reaching a net-zero state. Commitments have been muddied by economic volatility, geopolitical factors, and macroeconomic events—making it that much more challenging to reach these objectives by 2050. Regardless, there has been remarkable acceleration in the energy transition due partially to reshoring. 

“But it’s clear that the only way of solving the energy crisis and bringing customer bills down in the long term is through significant investment in the clean energy transition.”

– John Pettigrew, CEO & Executive Director, National Grid PLC, July 2023 | Earnings Call

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The consumer and retail industry may be the most affected by economic hardships, and therefore, conditional purchasing behavior. Even the most essential consumer & retail subsectors (food, household products, beverages, etc.) are subject to fiscal performance affected by the trade down effect—–the phenomena of consumers buying cheaper brand goods as a way to save money.

“Market volatility”, “economic downturn”, and “macroeconomic hardships” are often cited as the forces driving consumers to reconsider what they put in their shopping carts. So how are companies recapturing consumer interest in today’s landscape?

The intersection of brands and consumers continues to shift towards the digital, as consumers largely dictate the channels that advertisers need to focus on. It’s no secret that consumers are spending more time on social media, apps, retail sites, and gaming platforms, pushing advertisers to expand their digital presence and reach with AdTech. 

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Stay Ahead of Trends

Missing a market-moving trend can mean the difference between long-term success and irreversible consequences. That’s why you must equip yourself with the tools your competition is already wielding to stay ahead. Register for AlphaSense’s Advantage Summit to learn how AI technology can help optimize your investment and market research efforts.

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