The Top 34 AlphaSense Searches of 2021

2021 held great promise—for starters, it meant 2020 had finally come to an end. After 2020 was lost to COVID-19, the expectations for 2021 were simple: recovery and revival.

At the start of the year, vaccines were on the cusp of being delivered, economies predicted a strong comeback from the pandemic, and Joe Biden was about to be sworn into the White House on the promise of reuniting and remedying a deeply divided country. As we moved from 2020 into 2021, many of us thought we would emerge into a better, more stable world.

What ended up coming to pass was another year of disruption and uncertainty. As the initial COVID-19 strain faded, new variants emerged. The year started with Alpha, then Delta in the summer, and now Omicron looms. Dreams of a return to normalcy quickly vanished into thin air as supply chain issues ravaged global economies, the vaccines rolled out in uneven ways, and the market suffered extreme market volatility driven by Reddit users.

People, companies, and governments yet again scrambled to make sense of it all, to understand the full impact of the evolving pandemic, and to make decisions despite uncertainties everywhere. As with 2020, opportunities are often short-lived. If a company didn’t move fast enough or found the information a day too late, the chance to make an informed decision could be forever lost.

At AlphaSense, we had the unique opportunity and privilege to work with clients ranging from the largest institutional investors to the smartest management consulting firms to the world’s most innovative corporations. We helped these clients get the most out of AlphaSense during continuously uncertain times and gained a unique perspective on what different clients were searching and monitoring for in order to better respond to new information impacting their businesses, their markets, and their lives.

Broken down by quarter, here are the top 34 searches from the AlphaSense platform this year.

Q1, 2021

Q2, 2021

Q3, 2021

Q4, 2021

For the pandemic and beyond, AlphaSense continues to be a critical information source for managing these unique and challenging times.

Are you wondering how our clients were able to extract actionable insights amidst information overload and dramatic uncertainty? We’ve got tips and takeaways you can use in our white paper, Four Ways to Approach Market Impacting Events.


How AlphaSense Compares:

Factiva vs Feedly (vs AlphaSense)

Koyfin vs Bloomberg (vs AlphaSense)

PitchBook vs Crunchbase (vs AlphaSense)

PitchBook vs CB Insights (vs AlphaSense)

Tegus vs GLG (vs AlphaSense)


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