Why AlphaSense?

AlphaSense is a leading provider of market intelligence, with over 10,000 high-quality content sources from more than 1,500 leading research providers—all in a single platform.

Top financial institutions, corporations across various industries, and consulting firms rely on AlphaSense to gain access to private and public company documents, news and regulatory documents, expert calls, and broker reports—all of which are key for comprehensive market research and confident decision-making. 

AlphaSense is built on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP)—all of which speed up your time to insight and enhance your qualitative research process. With features like synonym recognition and sentiment analysis, our platform helps you extract the most important and relevant insights contained within each source and understand the underlying nuance and meaning in the text.

Our premium and proprietary content sets, automation capabilities, and AI features are why G2 has consistently rated AlphaSense a leader in market intelligence for corporations and financial institutions alike. And now, with AlphaSense’s industry-leading suite of generative AI tools, our ability to dramatically reduce research time and deliver answers to your key questions in mere seconds is better than ever.

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Enhance Your Market Research With Generative AI

Here’s how AlphaSense’s industry-leading suite of generative AI tools takes your market research workflows to the next level:

Smart Summaries for Earnings

Earnings Summaries delivers instant document-level summaries of earnings call transcripts that identify, organize, and summarize the most critical insights, enabling you to understand the key points of an entire call in seconds. 

Key Use Cases:

  • Competitive Monitoring and Benchmarking – Stay on top of every competitive movement with the key moments of every earnings call summarized and at your fingertips
  • Portfolio Monitoring – Build a more complete mosaic of your investment portfolio with at-a-glance earnings coverage of non-core companies
  • Earnings Prep – Spend less time parsing through transcripts during earnings season with modules that summarize the most critical moments of a call
  • Client/Supplier Relations – Personalize your pitches to new clients by referencing key guidance from their CEO

Smart Summaries for Companies

Company Summaries provide instant, complete overviews of the most important information you need to evaluate a company, across a variety of key perspectives.

Key Use Cases:

  • Competitive Monitoring and Benchmarking – Stay on top of every competitive movement with the most critical happenings at any company summarized and at your fingertips
  • Portfolio Monitoring – Build a more complete mosaic of your investment portfolio with at-a-glance coverage of non-core companies
  • Strategic Monitoring and Research – Expand your reach across end markets and strategic areas with summarizations of key events, expert analysis, and more
  • Company ID and Market Landscaping – Get smart on a new company with summaries of earnings performance, competitive landscape, and SWOT analyses, directly from industry experts
  • Client/Supplier Relations – Get a leg up on client or supplier research without it consuming your entire day

AlphaSense Assistant

Assistant is an AI-powered chatbot that instantly summarizes key company events, emerging market trends, and industry-wide viewpoints, uncovering and synthesizing data once buried in static documents. Acting as your personal AI analyst, AlphaSense Assistant is capable of both understanding natural language and discussing the markets, companies, and topics most important to you. 

With Assistant, you can ask to discuss the electric vehicle investments of automotive companies, analyze R&D spending within pharmaceutical companies, or summarize existing internal research that has already been done on a particular market, to name a few. With each request, you can dig deeper by asking follow-up questions or choosing a suggested query. 

Assistant delivers highly accurate intelligence, and you can also audit the underlying snippets and source documents through inline citations. 

Generative AI Applications Across Industries

Generative AI in Healthcare

Discover the key use cases of genAI in healthcare, as well as backlash against its applications, and our prediction for the future of this technology in healthcare.

Generative AI in Financial Services

Discover the main use cases, benefits, challenges, and risks of using generative AI in the financial services space, as well as how financial services teams can better prepare for genAI implementation. 

Generative AI in Consulting

Discover the main impacts, drawbacks, use cases, and ethical considerations of implementing generative AI in the consulting industry.

Generative AI for Enterprise 

AlphaSense Enterprise Intelligence is a secure, end-to-end market intelligence solution that leverages genAI to unlock insights from premium external and proprietary internal content—all in a single platform.

With Enterprise Intelligence, you’ll be able to apply our proprietary AI stack over your internal content at scale, effortlessly ask questions like “Do we have any research on Google’s AI investment?”, and receive back instant insights unique to your organization’s perspective. Or expand the reach of these insights even further to include valuable external perspectives (ex. broker research, industry reports, expert insights, etc.) to create a 360° view of any topic.

By ingesting your internal knowledge base, our AlphaSense Large Language Model (LLM) can securely understand your organization’s data sets and thus provide a comprehensive, unique, and ever-evolving view of your business and markets.

Some of the capabilities of AlphaSense’s Enterprise Intelligence include:

  • Instant GenAI-Powered Answers – Our purpose-built genAI chat and summarization capabilities—powered by AlphaSense Large Language Model (ASLLM)—deliver instant, accurate, and secure summarizations of both premium external and proprietary internal content.
  • Ease of Integration – Through either an AlphaSense-managed solution in our secure cloud or a customer-managed solution in the cloud of your choice, Enterprise Intelligence allows you to integrate your content at enterprise scale through our Ingestion API or Enterprise-Grade Connectors—like Microsoft 365, Box, S3 & more—easily supporting the uploading and management of tens of millions of documents.
  • Enterprise-Grade Data Protection – We are committed to the security and privacy of your data. AlphaSense Enterprise Intelligence’s cloud environment complies with global security standards – SOC2, ISO270001 compliant, conducts regular, accredited third-party penetration testing, offers FIPS 140-2 standard encryption on all content & supports SAML 2.0 integration.

In addition to these, AlphaSense’s Enterprise Intelligence boasts scalability features such as user management, broad system connectors, infrastructure compatibility, and collaboration tools. 

Ethics of Generative AI in Business

The importance of discussing ethics in the realm of generative AI cannot be overstated, particularly when it pertains to business and financial applications. When using genAI for market research purposes, it is imperative that the technology is trained on vetted, quality sources, that results are auditable and verifiable, and that the AI is trained on top-tier business and financial content.

Here’s how AlphaSense ensures that our product upholds ethical standards and that you don’t risk using biased or unreliable data in your research or analysis:

  • Built for Business & Finance: Our decade-long investment in AI has allowed us to develop technology built specifically to hone in on financial and business information, capturing insights with reliability and precision—and without hallucination or biases.
  • Trustworthy Sources: Our generative AI draws on a content database filled with top-tier business and financial content, including company documents, business news, expert transcripts, and analyst reports. This means our users can be confident that the summarizations come from the most trustworthy and relevant sources.
  • Easy Auditability: Users can easily check the original content for context and validation with one-click citations—a critical capability for our customers who are relying on the insights that we deliver to power million-dollar decisions every day.